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Through her research Mary Powell has selected traditional wolf stories to be read and enjoyed by children agesand up Lovely book Wolf mad niece loved it. This book is a collection of Native American childrens tales about wolves The stories come from a wide variety of tribes, and each in its own way imparts the idea that Man must learn to live with these creatures and gain wisdom from them.Now, these stories are really interesting, and I think the project has a great deal of merit Unfortunately, many of the stories seem to be only half told Several kind of leave you hanging in a tree, ending abruptly with perhaps less than a sentence to tie the story together Even kids can tell when things are missing in a story, and after a typical installment in the book, they will undoubtedly pipe up to ask, So THEN what happened Deborah Reade s illustrations are the real prize here, and are liberally sprinkled throughout the book Most are limited to line art, and so they are not as vivid as the cover The cover art is absolutely gorgeous, and it s a shame the publisher did not embrace the idea of using color on the inside Reade s illustrations are so intelligent and well done that they make up in part for the brevity of the stories If they were given full color treatments like the cover, the book would have been that much better for it.