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In Why Must I Go To School , Hugo doesn t feel like going to school and that makes him wonder why he must go to school This book explores the world of learning Where do we learn and who and what helps us learn And what for Children will recognise the characters from the CBeebies series,What s The Big IdeaThis series introduces children to philosophy by exploring different emotions and ideas through a variety of amusing and familiar situations Each book aims to promote thinking skills in its readers developing their questioning of the world around them and encouraging them to make up their own minds The books include discussion notes for parents or educators This book is okIt gives examples of why a child might want to go to school e.g learning, seeing teacher and friends etc It is told in a very basic story way the character being Hugo The character Hugo also highlights why he wouldn t want to go to school and the things that he enjoys at home.Overall, I found the book a little dull and my youngest daughter did too There is no real storyline and there is no real personality to the main character.