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An informative and enjoyable to read overview of our current understanding of how memory changes with normal aging and what the future might hold for memory enhancement Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD, director, Neuroscience Imaging center, UCSF Neurology and Physiology, University of California, San FranciscoWell researchedpresents a complex topic with clarity and humor Margaret Sewell, PhD, director, Memory Enhancement Program, Mount Sinai HospitalOh how loved this book Rarely do you find one that informs as it entertains Martha Lear does both I laughed out loud and was reassured to know that when my friends and I forget names as we so often do , it s normal Mary Tyler MooreHallelujah, it s not Alzheimer s It s Normal Memory Loss, and everyone over thirty must read WHERE DID I LEAVE MY GLASSES by what s her name Patricia Volk, author of To My Dearest Friends and StuffedWith wit, insight, and comfort, Martha Weinman Lear takes you through the embarrassments and hilarities of dealing with normal memory loss Ethel S Person, MD, professor of psychiatry and member of the Center for Psychoanyltic Training Lear writes reassuringlypungently and wittily This book isthan informative it is a pleasure to read Lewis P Rowland, MD, professor of neurology, Neurological Institute, Columbia University Medical CenterSo your memory s not what it used to be You forget people s names, or what you were just about to say, or why you went into the kitchen Often you forget where you left your keys your wallet, your glasses, your list of Things to Do Tomorrow And you worry You wonder Could this mean I am losing it Join the crowd, friend there are seventy eight million baby boomers in the country, and memory loss is the number one concern of the boomer generation The Worried Well, specialists call them They worry because they do not know that most memory lapses that begin in middle age are universal and normal Award winning journalist Martha Lear, who gave voice to widespread frustration with medical care in her New York Times bestselling memoir Heartsounds, now explores this kind of forgetfulness why it happens, and when, and what can be done about it She interviews distinguished neuroscientists, psychologists, and evolutionary biologists, as well as friends and strangers about their own memory lapses Interweaving dramatic new findings from brain scan studies with often hilarious anecdotes, Lear covers topics as fresh and provocative as the upside of memory loss, the differences between His and Her memories, why we are actually wired to forget, and what the future holds for memory enhancement you can t imagine what s in store You ll learn things you never knew before about why your memory behaves in such maddening ways You ll find comfort and reassurance And you ll probably find yourself on every page

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