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The classic stories of our childhood Cinderella, The Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood exist only in books today, but they started their lives as oral tales told from one generation to the next In Ethiopia, however, great treasuries of fairy tales still live in people s heads and have never been written down Old people sit together in the evenings and tell each other stories that were already old a hundred years ago Elizabeth Laird a winner of the Reader s Choice award and the Children s Book award spent two years traveling around Ethiopia and collecting the tales in this anthology She was told stories by Muslims in the hot, dry deserts of the East Christians from the cool, central Highlands and people from even older religions from the warm, humid South The different faiths and cultures are reflected in the stories, with their varying notions of God, heaven, and the spirit world You will enjoy the funny stories with a twist, the exciting adventure stories of brave warriors and hunters, the clever stories of cunning and trickery, along with stories about ogres and kings and merchants and farmers and animals

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    excellent stories for teaching and learning

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    Came in before Christmas it was not expected to , excactly as described

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    Fantastic collection of stories My little one only two is a bit too young for them right now but she s going to love them in a year or so.

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    Teret Teret, Ye lam beret.or once upon a time, I guess we would sayThe author traveled throughout Ethiopia to gather these folktales, along with her translators she needed for the many different languages of Ethiopia My only complaint, is I wish she would have noted what regions of Ethiopia she gathered each tale from Here is a list of the different stories When the World BeganHow the Tortoise Got Her ShellThe Best HomeNyap and Nyakway story from Gambella The Day the Sky FellThe Enchanted FluteThe Best DreamThe Bull Who Gave Birth to a CalfThe King of the ForestAbba Bollo and the NecklaceThe Jackal and the RabbitThe Baboon s HeadbandThe Rat King s SonThe Shield of KindnessThe Shephard Boy at SchoolThe Man Who Grew FeathersThe Monkey s BirthdayThe Fox and the CrowThe Clever WifeEverything Changes, Everything Passes

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    Although written for children, this collection of myths and legends from Ethiopia is also enjoyable and informative for adults who have friends from Ethiopia or who enjoy learning about other cultures.I thought it was particularly interesting that the stories were collected from throughout Ethiopia, and include representations from the diverse subcultures within that rich and varied country.The illustrations are gorgeous and colorful.

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    Thank you for sending this book so far Love it Thanks It s a gift I haven t given yet, b ut I know they ll love it