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In Why Am I Jealous , Hugo feels left out when his friends start playing with other children He feels angry and sad, could he be feeling jealous What is jealousy This book explores the effect of jealousy, the situations in which it arises and encourages children to think about what jealousy is and ways to stop feeling left out Children will recognise the characters from the Cbeebies series, What s The Big IdeaThe book is part of a series which introduces young children agedto philosophy by exploring different emotions and ideas through a variety of amusing and familiar situations Each book aims to promote thinking skills in its readers developing their questioning of the world around them and encouraging them to make up their own minds The books include discussion notes for parents or educators

2 thoughts on “What's The Big Idea?: Why Am I Jealous?

  1. Tim 😊 Tim 😊 says:

    I thought this book might be helpful for my 3 and 6 year olds, to aid them in developing self awareness about emotions such as jealousy, and how to handle them.Having read it, I m not even going to show it to them.The story flits from one scene to another in a completely incoherent fashion first it s playtime in a white room with white cubes lying around then we re in a forest then suddenly we re at a roller coaster, with no explanation at all for the changes of scene The characters have bizarre names, but aren t introduced at all.Half way through, we find Yeti and Little Ballerina on a rollercoaster They can t seem to stop But why can t they stop And why do they want to stop Is this a metaphor for emotions If so, who is the Ringmaster What does it mean None of it makes any sense at all.The writing is quite poor, both stylistically and grammatically The sentences are too short like this one Exclamation marks litter every page like this Reported speech isn t punctuated correctly Semi colons are used where there should be colons I could go on.But I could overlook all these niggles, if the book provided some helpful insights into dealing with feelings of jealousy Unfortunately, it doesn t These are the insights it offers, such as they are i Maybe, the best way to stop feeling bad feelings is to not let them take you for a ride ii to get rid of jealousy there s nothing like moving on and having a good time with a friend and iii trying to smash into your friends on a rollercoaster , while green with envy, was a lot of fun after all.I struggled to understand the meaning of the first point my children certainly wouldn t make sense of it The second point begs the question of how to move on and have a good time, when you are consumed with jealousy, which is the very question I thought the book set out to answer And the last point is the reason that I won t even let my children see this book I am shocked that the book seemingly endorses violence as a way of dealing with envy or at least, doesn t condemn it.Finally, the illustrations these are full page, computer generated images of bizarre characters with enormous heads I suppose this allows us to read their emotions better, but they look very odd to me If I were to find some redeeming feature, it is that the drawings are, at least, quite colourful.

  2. Zipster Zeus Zipster Zeus says:

    Not bad a lively and focused book aimed at young children and obviously part of a series designed to address a range of emotional issues kids face early on in primary school I was a bit sceptical at first, books like this can be a bit overbearing and overly PC which ends up diluting their message but I think the balance is about right here An accessible, sensible and nicely illustrated book that tackles a difficult subject reasonably well.