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They Came To EarthPestilence, War, Famine, Deathfour Horsemen Riding Their Screaming Steeds, Racing To The Corners Of The World Four Horsemen With The Power To Destroy All Of Humanity They Came To Earth, And They Came To End Us All The Day Jerusalem Falls, Miriam Elmahdy Knows Her Life Is Over Houses Are Burning, The Streets Run Red With Blood, And A Traitorous Army Is Massacring Every Last Resident There Is No Surviving This, Especially Not Once Miriam Catches The Eye Of War Himself But When The Massive And Terrifying Horseman Corners Miriam, He Calls Her His Wife, And Instead Of Killing Her, He Takes Her Back To His Camp Now Miriam Faces A Terrifying Future, One Where She Watches Her World Burn Town By Town, And The One Man Responsible For It All Is Her Seemingly Indestructible Husband But Theres Another Side To Him, One Thats Gentle And Loving And Dead Set On Winning Her Over, And She Might Not Be Strong Enough To Resist However, If Theres One Thing Miriam Has Learned, Its That Love And War Cannot Coexist And So She Must Make The Ultimate Choice Surrender To War And Watch Humankind Fall, Or Sacrifice Everything And Stop Him

5 thoughts on “War (The Four Horsemen Book 2) (English Edition)

  1. Raflesia Raflesia says:

    bellissimo sulllo stesso tema ma diverso e complesso

  2. Laura Dalle Luche Laura Dalle Luche says:

    ARC Generously provided by Author for an honest review.Well, what can I say A beautiful and emotional story that every lover of romance and dystopian genre will love The main character has many obstacle to overcome, she needs to survive in a world that seems doomed, where the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are destroying everything and everyone Its seems that humanity is ending, but there is a chance of salvation, only if someone can demonstrate to the horsemen that humanity can have a second chance Miriam is a strong woman, she s a survivor and a fighter When she face War she knows that her life is ending, but something happens because War sees something in her, he recognise her as his wife, given to him by the God And this is the start of everything Miriam has a chance to save humanity, but she also risks losing her heart Staying near him is also giving her a new view of the bloodthirsty War when he s with her he s gentle and caring, he treats her like something precious But loving him is hard, looking past the things he has and is doing is difficult, how can she love someone who is destroying the world But love is something that could change everything.This is a story of redemption and love, of courage and sacrifice I loved every part of this story This is something that every lover of paranormal dystopian romance need to read and have in her his library A captivating and hard world, where something precious and good can still be found.What else can I say Only to get your copy and enter the world of the Four Horsemen.Lastly, I wanted to thank the author for giving me the chance to read her beautiful story, thank you very much Love,Laura

  3. Tcd Tcd says:

    If you wanted a harlequin disguised as modern fantasy, then go ahead.Great concepts, but poor narrative development Don t even bother with the other three horsemen, especially if you aren t interested in bedroom action.

  4. Erica@1 Erica@1 says:

    I very much liked this book although I found the heroine a little bit petulant and immature at times.You ll get plenty of action, romance and adventure with this one Looking forward to reading the next book.

  5. Valentina Valentina says:

    I absolutely loved this novel The characters are well designed, I liked that the setting was different from the previous novel of the series Pestilence and the story was original, full of action and romance My favourite book from this author so far Now I m waiting to read about Famine