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Praise For Shannon Mayer And The Rylee Adamson SeriesSteamy, Action Packed, And Full Of Heart If Youre A Fan Of Ilona Andrews, Youll Love Rylee AdamsonNew York Times Bestselling Author Deanna ChaseMayers Books Rank Right Up There With Kim Harrisons, Patricia Briggss, And Ilona Andrewss Get Ready For A Whole New Take On Urban Fantasy And Paranormal Romance And Be Ready To Be Glued To The Pages Just My Opinion Book BlogRylee Is The Perfect Combination Of Loyal, Intelligent, Compassionate And Kick Ass Many Times, The Heroines In Urban Fantasy Novels Tend To Be So Tough Or Snarky That They Come Off As Unlikable Rylee Is A Smart Ass For Sure, But She Isn T Insulting Well, I Guess The She Gets A Little Sassy With The Bad Guys, But Then It S Just HilariousDiary Of A BibliophileI Could Not Put It Down Not Only That, But I Immediately Started The Next Book In The Series, ImmuneJust Talking BooksPriceless Was One Of Those Reads That Just Starts Off Running And Doesnt Give Too Much Time To Breathe Ill Just Go Ahead And Add The Rest Of The Books To My TBR List NowVampire Book ClubThis Book Is So Great And It Blindsided Me Im Always Looking For Something To Tide Me Over Until The Next Ilona Andrews Or Patricia Briggs Book Comes Out, But No Matter How Many Recommendations I Get Nothing Ever Measures Up This Was As Close As Ive Gotten And Im So Freakin Happy Dynamite ReviewHighly Recommended For All Fans Of Urban Fantasy And ParanormalChimera ReviewsI Absolutely Love These Books They Are One Of The Few Paranormal Urban Fantasy Series That I Still Follow Religiously Shannons Writing Is Wonderful And Her Characters Worm Their Way Into Your Heart I Cannot Recommend These Books EnoughMaryse Book ReviewIt Has The Perfect Blend Of Humor, Mystery, And A Slow Burning Forbidden Type Romance Recommended X Sarah Morse AdamsThese Books Are, Ultimately, Fun, Exciting, Romantic, And Satisfying Trust Me On This You Are Going To Love This SeriesRead Love Share BlogThis Was A Wonderful Debut In The Rylee Adamson Series, And A Creative Twist On A Genre Thats Packed Full Of Hard As Nails Heroines I Will Definitely Stay Tuned To See What Rylee And Her New Partner Get Up ToRed Welly BootsPriceless Did Not Disappoint With Its Colourful Secondary Characters, Unique Slant On The Typical PI Spiel, And A Heroine With Boatloads Of Untapped GiftsRabid ReadsI Was Happy To See That The Action Started Almost From The First Page And Didn T Let Up Till The End It Was Also Wonderful To Get Further Insight Into How Rylee Was Supposed To Be The Saviour Of The World That Was A Left Hook I Didn T See Coming But It Was All The Poignant For Its Unpredictability And Purity Para Urban ReviewFrom HiJinks Ink Publishing And Shannon Mayer Comes VEILED THREAT BOOK In The USA Today Bestselling RYLEE ADAMSON NOVELS With Over Million Books Sold, Shannon Mayer Proves Once Again She Can Dominate Her Genre Right Out Of The GateMy Name Is Rylee, And I Am A Tracker When Children Go Missing, And The Humans Have No Leads, I M The One They Call I Am Their Last Hope In Bringing Home The Lost Ones I Salvage What They Cannot Demons Are Putting Rips In The Veil In Order To Cross Over And Steal My Friends And Allies Away But, Going After Them Isnt Even Close To Simple The Deepest Level Of The Veil Is Not A Place You Can Just Open A Doorway Too, After All, And Of Course, Thats Where Theyve Been Taken As Fate Would Have It, It Looks Like I Might Get Some Help From A Trained Demon Slayer And His Fire Breathing Ride The Only Problem Said Demon Slayer Claims To Have Family Ties To Me And Ive Never Trusted My FamilyNor Am I About To Start Now

4 thoughts on “Veiled Threat (A Rylee Adamson Novel, Book 7)

  1. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I really tried to get through this series, but by the time I got to this book, I just gave up It is expected that in the early novels in a series that the heroine will be pretty naive, but that she will learn from her mistakes by the end of the second or third novel Such is not the case with this series.In EVERY single novel something terrible happens and the heroine takes off without weapons, plans or defenses in place to try to save the day Unfortunately, she never once seems to learn that going off half cocked like that will get people she cares about hurt or killed She never learns to weapon up, come up with some contingency plans and to provide a good defensive position Instead, she is always surprised when someone she cares about gets hurt or killed I just could not finish this book when I saw that she was AGAIN doing the same stupid thing I will not be reading any in this series, and will likely not be purchasing anything else from Shannon Mayer.

  2. Michael Cast Michael Cast says:

    In the last book Rylee had saved her missing possessed sister that she had thought long dead She stuffs Orion the demon bent on ruling the world back down the throat of a volcano and back to the lowest levels of hell were he belongs, and in a brazen move, puts her friend Doran a former daywalker upon the Vampire Throne, finally bringing stability to the vampire nation She also brings together all factions of ogres and other creatures of the supernatural world Everything is cool now She and Liam can share a bit of alone time Alex, her half were man wolf and best friend has grown someum..fortitude Eve, the teen Harpy is going back into training with her beloved Guardian, the Eagle Pamela and Milly Rylees ward and wayward best friend, respectively are home and Milly will begin to train Pammy how to use her loose cannon powers before she accidentally blows them all up Blaz, her Dragon, is just glad to be free to go and do whatever it is that dragons do on their downtime Rylee has lost some friends, and gained a few She s tiered, she s mentally exhausted Time to kick back..Right Wrong.After only a few months of peace, Orion is seeking a way back into the world for domination and most importantly to make Rylee and all those she loves die in the most horrid and torturous way And he begins by snatching Pamela and Milly and Millys unborn child and pulls them into the darkest recesses of the veil, then destroys all the human friendly portals behind him He has plans for Millys baby.As Rylee girds her loins for war, she finds out that all the allies she thought she d gained in the last battle are now, reluctant to help in this newest and most dangerous attempt to keep Orion and his minions on the other side of the veil The ogres are in disarray The corrupt FBI is stillcorrupt and now totally The whole department is possessed.It seems Rylee is a magnet for destruction But this time, something is wrong Her heart is beating off time She feels fatigued And Liam has a secret A secret so dark that it threatens the only thing Rylee holds dear Their life together.

  3. Amy Slager Amy Slager says:

    After a small break I just ripped through books 5 7 this week While I still enjoy the characters, books 5 and 6 had me thinking Okay, this is a little far fetched now Also just way too much intense drama without a break But in Book 7 Shannon Mayer has pulled a lot of things together and shown some of the background as to why Rylee has to be the one to save the world She threw in some curveballs which I didn t see coming as well So I am back to thoroughly enjoying the series and look forward to seeing what happens in book 8 Unfortunately I can only give 4 stars because of all the glaring spelling and grammar mistakes, dropped words, lack of correct punctuation and generally poor editing It really, really pulls one away from the story and it is found on every single page Example could of is not a phrase The proper phrase is could have It makes the author seem really young, and sorry lazy For any other book, these mistakes would have garnered 1 or 2 stars from me, and I would not have bothered to pay good money for books, but the characters are just too darn interesting

  4. Para-Urban Review Para-Urban Review says:

    It was awesome to finish Book 6 and move directly on to Book 7 a far meatier read for me who can munch through a book this length in around 4 hours I was happy to see that the action started almost from the first page and didn t let up till the end It was also wonderful to get further insight into how Rylee was supposed to be the saviour of the world that was a left hook I didn t see coming but it was all the poignant for its unpredictability and purity.In this instalment, we see so much character development going on Liam, Milly, Pamela, Evie all maturing at a rate of knots alongside Rylee And Alex, oh boy, do I love Alex I honestly believe or maybe hope that Ms Mayer is planning something really big for Alex Yuppy Doody I do And Blaz sooo good to learn about the dragons and their role in the end war Orion is starting to make his move and, confident in his belief that the demons will win, is using everything he has to divide, conquer and deceive Rylee is making headway in bringing the good guys together, she s introduced to a new family member and continues to grow her own menagerie family The race is on Those that were once seen as a threat are now her staunch supporters but Orion is nothing if not determined to kill off any advantage Rylee might have This results in her trying to make headway while dashing back to protect those she loves, creating havoc in the interim after all, chaos is her middle name And the Blood of the Lost seems to be found again And those threads Rylee tracks are slowing weaving together I m sure to a fantastical finale Bring on Book 8