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UNACCUSTOMED SPIRITSSpend A Snowbound Christmas In An Elizabethan Mansion, Amid A Wicked And Witty Assortment Of People Musicians, Eccentrics, Aristocrats, Artists, And A Pair Of Bickering Ghosts With A Taste For Eavesdropping And Star TrekStruck Down By Shingles, Cleo Byng Postpones Her Wedding And Heads North To Recuperate At Her Infuriating Cousin Henrys House In The Wintry Eyotshire Village Of Hazard Shes Not Sure What To Expect, And Haphazard House Turns Out To Be A Dilapidated Elizabethan Pile With Few Amenities And A Doom Laden Housekeeper, Not To Mention A Strange Pair Who Have Been In Residence For Rather Than The Usual Life Span And Have A Keen Interest In Modern Technology Any Remaining Hopes Of A Peaceful And Uneventful Convalescence For Cleo Are Dashed When She Receives An Urgent Summons To Travel Abroad And Rescue An Old Friend From The Grip Of The Hungarian Secret Police Then, Safely Back In England, A Crowd Of Welcomeand Less Welcome Friends, Relatives And Connections Descend On Haphazard House For What Could Be Its Last Ever Christmas Before The Demolition That Threatens Both It And Its Long Standing Residents Can Cleo Make Henry Appreciate Its Charmsand Hers An Enchanting And Witty Tale Of Marriage, Misalliance And MisunderstandingEscape Into Another World And Delight In The Lives Of A Host Of Fascinating Characters This Is The England Of Wodehouse And Downton Abbey, Where Wickedness And Scandal Lurk Beneath The Superb Self Confidence Of The Upper ClassesBestseller Elizabeth Astons Six Mountjoy Books Were Originally Written Under The Name Elizabeth Pewsey And Published By Sceptre, An Imprint Of Hodder Headline Wickedly AmusingLike Good Wine, Very Addictive Strongly Recommended The Good Book Guide Delectable She Writes With Tremendous Vigour And WitSplendidly EntertainingSunday Express

5 thoughts on “UNACCUSTOMED SPIRITS: An English comedy (The Mountjoys Book 5) (English Edition)

  1. Aquila Aquila says:

    Cleo Byng and Prudence Pagan from the first volume of this delightful series return, older, slightly wiser, but just as entrancing in a story that moves from a haunted house in England to a perilous rescue from Communist Hungary and back again Aston s perfect ear for the politics of the period she writes about, combined with her surprising plot twists, vivid characters, and ability to keep the reader guessing until the last page makes this series wonderful entertainment with a serious core.

  2. A. Carter A. Carter says:

    Aston s prose is top notch, especially the descriptive passages. Some of the subject matter in book 5 seems a bit forced to me but gently so Her characters including the ghosts are less convincing than they might be Most interesting character is the child The S M content is merely suggestive, and hardly qualifies as sexual What violence there is amounts to little than things that go bump in the night Readers expecting to be shocked scared can pass on this For descriptive detail of the countryside UK and Italy , hard to beat Aston.

  3. bayou grandma bayou grandma says:

    As stated before, I love and have read all of these Mountjoy books and am so sad that there will not be any This one takes the prize for the two most entertaining and unusual ghostly characters since The Canterbury Ghost a nice little twist to the saga of this zany and unconventional family The death of this author is a great loss I have read all of her books both as Aston and Edmondson and loved each of them.

  4. MissMommy MissMommy says:

    This was just not up to the quality of the other books I have already purchase the 6th book in the series, so I will read it, but it I hope it is better than this one.

  5. heidim heidim says:

    This book is sheer fun, no big worries, full of pleasant mostly people The ghosts are priceless It s the perfect book for vacations.