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The Monstrous Thought Came Into My Mind As I Perused The Fixed Eyes And The Saturnine Face, That This Was A Spirit, Not A Man Three Ghostly Tales From A Master Of The Form, The Signalman , The Trial For Murder And The Title Story, To Be Read At DuskOne Of New Books In The Bestselling Little Black Classics Series, To Celebrate The First Ever Penguin Classic In Each Book Gives Readers A Taste Of The Classics Huge Range And Diversity, With Works From Around The World And Across The Centuries Including Fables, Decadence, Heartbreak, Tall Tales, Satire, Ghosts, Battles And Elephants

5 thoughts on “To Be Read at Dusk

  1. Lydia Herro Lydia Herro says:

    This is a bit of a different flavor than is typical of Dickens it is rather brief compared to most of his other works including some of his short stories , and the content, without spoiling anything, is interestingly put together To be honest, I thought it a little predictable, especially at the end However, maybe that is part of the reading experience of this story to see the twist coming up, but not noticing the pavement it is made of till the author points it out at the spot And I am not a big fan of the Greedy Template Dickens uses for well, read the book and you will understand May I also mention that this is a 4 star review because I happen to love Dickens, and this is a good, if weird, read.

  2. ThemSweetShoes ThemSweetShoes says:

    The story in itself was very short but very thought provoking as well Certainly it is a good story to be read at dusk Unfortunately though, I ran into an issue with the kindle version Every form of punctuation in my downloaded version has for some reason been replaced by a little boxed question mark It easily distracts from the story I m not sure if it was just me or if this is a common problem. regardless it s a free download anyway so what is there to lose by downloading it

  3. Jessss Jessss says:

    This was a short story that was kind of weird at first It follows a guy who is sitting out alone but listening in on some mens conversation who is near by They begin to tell a stories of something quite weird You listen and they are kind of creepy and scary It is descently written and is a neat little story I gave it 3 stars because it was difficult to follow in some places, but once I got to the end I was like ooohhh, I get it It was a cool read and one I don t regret.

  4. Mark B. McDonald Mark B. McDonald says:

    The book was essentially uneventful, anticlimactic, and lacked an element of thrill and or suspense For those expecting a legitimate ghost story, don t purchase this book.

  5. Niki E. Niki E. says:

    This review is of the To Be Read at Dusk by Charles Dickens, Little Black Classic edition by Penguin, which contain the three stories To Be Read at Dusk, The Signalman, and The Trial for Murder All three of the short stories in the collection contain a spooky theme While they aren t scary, they are a little eery I was a little leary after reading the first story because it was just so so Interesting, but nothing spectacular I need not have worried, though, because the second and third stories were so much fun to read I loved both of them It was wonderful to see Dickens, who was known for being quite wordy, excelling at the shorter format I m rating the short collection 5 stars just because I enjoyed the last two stories that much.