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Goodbye Miss Young Good luck to you and dont forget to remember me to the folks back homeMajor Archibald Butt The sinking of the Titanic on her maiden voyage inis one of the most dramatic stories in maritime history The largest passenger steamship in the world, fitted with advanced safety features than any of her rivals, she was proclaimed to be virtually unsinkableMore than , people perished when the Titanic went down many from drowning but from hypothermia on one of the coldest but most beautiful April nights anyone could remember in the North Atlantic The survivors of the disaster brought home tales of heroism and cowardice, of calmness and panic, of honour and disgraceJust how and why the Titanic foundered on such a beautiful April evening is the subject of this fascinating book Author Rupert Matthews explores witness accounts and evidence gathered at the inquiries, along with recent discoveries, to piece together a complete picture of what happened on that fateful night in Features Photographs of the Titanic, her crew and passengers Eye witness accounts Personal memories Overillustrations

8 thoughts on “Titanic (English Edition)

  1. mcqueen mcqueen says:

    This book about the sinking of the titanic is far the best account I have ever read.the details about the final hours are first class.The accounts given by the crew and survivors gives a true account of what it must ve been like on that fatal night.I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read about the fate of such a great ship.

  2. Christopher J. Whitehead Christopher J. Whitehead says:

    Good book, factual but not too wordy Great insight to the disaster that the passengers and crew had to live through A good insight to the circumstances that came to bear in an unsinkable passenger liner sinking on it s maiden voyage with great loss of life.Well worth reading.


    MISSED A LOT OF PAGES.Found it Quite interesting in Part,s But More a man,s Read History of and info concerning the making of the TITANIC to me a female was quite boring.

  4. Patricia Watts Patricia Watts says:

    A really interesting read Recommended to a friend who also enjoyed the read Will possibly read it again A tragic but very interesting account of what happened.

  5. happytimes5 happytimes5 says:

    this is a really good read it covers everything about the ill fated liner from the history to the terrible sinking to what happened next good pictures too

  6. Kindle Kindle says:

    I chose this book because I have an interest in historical happenings and true stories I enjoyed it very much very informative very easy read

  7. Wow now thats cool Wow now thats cool says:

    It sank lots of details it is rather boring don t think I would waste my time again um so yeah

  8. Noura Noura says:

    in the sample first chapter the author mixes up the names of the oceanic and the olmpic not a good start to an otherwise promisiing book.