{Free Reading} Through the Window: Views of Marc Chagall's Life and ArtAuthor Barb Rosenstock – Collateralloan.co

Beautiful book for children but adults will enjoy too I live Marc Chagall and this is an amazingly told story about him for children. Thank you An artist is presented for the pleasure of reader. A gorgeous, expressive picture book biography of Marc Chagall by the Caldecott Honor team behind The Noisy Paint Box Through the window, the student sees His future butcher, baker, blacksmith, but turns away A classmate sketching a face from a book His mind blossoms The power of pictures He draws and erases, dreams in color while Papa worries A folder of pages laid on an art teacher s desk Mama asks, Does this boy have talentPursed lips, a shrug, then a nod, and a new artist is welcomedHis brave heart flying through the streets, on a journey unknowableKnown for both his paintings and stained glass windows, Marc Chagall rose from humble beginnings to become one of the world s most renowned artists Admired for his use of color and the powerful emotion in his work, Chagall led a career that spanned decades and continents, and he never stopped growing This lyrical narrative shows readers, through many different windows, the pre WWI childhood and wartime experiences that shaped Chagall s path From the same team behind the Caldecott Honor Book The Noisy Paint Box, which was about the artist Kandinksy, Through the Window is a stunning book that, through Chagall s life and work, demonstrates how art has the power to be revolutionary