Free Textbooks There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Map! (There Was an Old Lady) (English Edition) By Lucille Colandro –

There was an old pirate who swallowed a map I don t know why she swallowed a map ARGH but it wasn t a traps bestselling Old Lady is starring in a brand new adventure series that will make you laugh AND learn In this new spin off, the Old Lady turns into an Old Pirate who travels across the seas, swallowing a map and a rope, and a sword, and a spyglass, and an anchor, and a flag, and a treasure Why Well, it was a pleasure to swallow that treasure Two new characters lead the reader through this hilarious adventure while exchanging some awesome facts about life on the open seas for a light take on nonfiction that s perfect for this age With expanded back matter about life on a ship and a search and find game at the end, this Old Pirate definitely has sea legs There was an old pirate who swallowed a mapI dont know why she swallowed the map ARRR but it wasnt a trapLets look in the spyglass to check out the rearIt makes faraway things look like theyre near Join this old pirate on the open seas to find out what she swallows next