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An Extraordinary, Memorable And Truly Haunting Book Jojo Moyes Terrific Perfect Setting, Great Build Up, Chilling What Could You Want Susan Hill, Author Of The Woman In BlackSome Doors Are Locked For A ReasonNewly Married, Newly Widowed Elsie Is Sent To See Out Her Pregnancy At Her Late Husband S Crumbling Country Estate, The BridgeWith Her New Servants Resentful And The Local Villagers Actively Hostile, Elsie Only Has Her Husband S Awkward Cousin For Company Or So She Thinks For Inside Her New Home Lies A Locked Room, And Beyond That Door Lies A Two Hundred Year Old Diary And A Deeply Unsettling Painted Wooden Figure A Silent Companion That Bears A Striking Resemblance To Elsie HerselfLaura S Second Novel, The Corset, Is Now Available In Paperback And EBook

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  1. AryaS AryaS says:

    stato un acquisto d impulso al rientro da un viaggio in Inghilterra, ho deciso di acquistare alcuni libri in lingua inglese e mi sono affidata un po alla classifica delle vendite ma, soprattutto, alla trama scritta sulla quarta di copertina Non sono un appassionata di storie gotiche e dell orrore per natura, ma apprezzo le belle storie, quelle che ti entrano in testa e a cui non riesci a non pensare, anche quando termini la lettura del romanzo.Laura Purcell una nuova scoperta letteraria anglosassone, una ex libraria che ha trovato chi credeva in lei e nella sua storia ed riuscita, a mio parere meritatamente, a raggiungere la fama nazionale con un romanzo davvero intrigante.Costruito su tre livelli temporali diversi uno presente, uno nel passato recente della protagonista e, infine, eventi risalenti due secoli prima il romanzo narra la storia di Elsie Livingstone, la proprietaria di una fabbrica di fiammiferi nella Londra della seconda met del diciannovesimo secolo, poco dopo la morte prematura, improvvisa e alquanto misteriosa del neo sposo, Rupert Bainbridge.Costretta dagli eventi a trasferirsi nella villa di campagna di propriet della famiglia del marito, The Bridge, con la sola compagnia della cugina del defunto marito, Sarah, e dei pochi domestici della casa, Elsie verr a suo malgrado a conoscere la storia della famiglia Bainbridge e il terribile segreto che custodisce.The Silent Companions un libro scritto con un tocco magistrale e sono certa che sapr catturare la vostra immaginazione fino all ultima pagina Consigliatissimo

  2. Lynn T. Lynn T. says:

    If you would like to read a creepy gothic suspense story, you will probably enjoy this book It was so atmospheric that you could feel the maleficence just radiating out of the gothic manor house The Bridge Strange things were happening to the new pregnant bride who travels there after her husband s premature death Her traveling companion is her husband s cousin Sarah.I know the silent companion wooden figures will stay in my memory after some of the story fades in the future I usually read in bed each night but with this book I stayed up longer to read in the brighter lights of the living room with the tv going in the background It wasn t so much that the story scared me but it creeped me out.The book goes back between two time periods at The Bridge The time periods were 1635 and 1865 I thought what a good movie this would make but did wonder how they handle the alternating time periods due to costumes and expense.It was a fast read for me as I wanted to find out what was happening next It is one of my best reads for 2018.

  3. Sean Farrell Sean Farrell says:

    Gothic horror can be tricky to get right You have to adhere to the slow burning, moody atmosphere of the genre classics, while also updating it just enough to capture the attention of modern audiences When it is done well it can be quite an eerie treat, and luckily for me, this one was done pretty well We follow Elsie, who has known quite a bit of tragedy in her life, immediately after being subjected to it once when her husband of mere weeks passes away at his family s secluded estate She leaves the city to attend to his burial and look into the home that now belongs to her, accompanied by her husband s cousin Sarah The house and nearby village are in a shocking state of disrepair, and the few servants she finds upon arrival are barely qualified at best As she tries to settle in though, they discover a strange wooden figure in a locked room, that bears an odd similarity in appearance to Elsie herself Sarah also discovers a diary written by one of her ancestors, and as she learns about the history of the home, and of the figures begin appearing As you can imagine, things only go downhill from there Ms Purcell proves excellent at establishing some truly creepy scenery While I wouldn t say it was the scariest book I ve ever read, it have me suitably on edge when it wanted to She has a plain but descriptive writing style, that really makes you feel like you can see everything she has written, without resorting to unnecessary flourishes The mystery of the house and its occupants is well thought out, and nicely rooted in folklore, making the required suspension of disbelief pretty easy to swallow This book could keep you up all night, mostly because you want to see how it turns out, but at least a little bit because you ll find yourself wondering just what that strange noise you heard might be.

  4. Lady Skellerman Lady Skellerman says:

    Oh my goodness, I don t even know where to start with this book I originally borrowed it from my local library, and I read it in a single day I was so wrapped up in the characters and the story, I actually found myself craving about the world after finishing it After that, I just knew I had to own it and make it part of my permanent collection.If you like thrillers, period pieces this one is set in the Victorian era , mystery, supernatural stories, or just good books in general, I couldn t recommend this book I would tell you what it s about but I don t want to I want you to go out and actually read it I had no idea what to expect when reading this book, and I think it added to my reading experience So, go read this, and I hope you have as good a time as I did.

  5. Dara Miller Dara Miller says:

    I haven t been huge into the Horror Genre lately, but this story gave me a reason to dive right in again Lately the chances of finding a book to actually give me the willies has been infinitesimal, so I deviated from the genre entirely I found this book on my Facebook timeline, and thought Oh what the heck and decided to give it a go after reading numerous reviews because honestly, who could turn away from a description like that.First I m going to say that the way Laura Purcell jumps from time to time is seamless the story takes place in 2 seperate periods of time Normally, It just isn t easily done So a huge high five to the author for pulling it off so well It didnt confuse me in the least like some attempts by other writers.Secondly, the writing style fits the genre nicely I know some would be gothic horror novels try but flail around miserably with iffy writing techniques that ebb and flow and kind of take away from the story itself But the writing style pulled me in within the first few pages and remained steady all the way through to the end.The story is dark and twisted and made me actually FEEL something I felt the main character s trepidation, which is exactly what I want to happen while reading a story such as this.All in all it was a fantastic read, one that I wouldn t mind going back to for a second read which is something I have never EVER been able to do I highly recommend

  6. Maika Maika says:

    Easily the creepiest, most unsettling, absolutely riveting haunted house ghost story I ve read since The Haunting of Hill House which I m currently rereading The tale moves back and forth between intertwined Victorian and 17th century doings in the same doomed house, a house where no one is safe I was impressed by how difficult it was to put this book down and how it never flinched from its mystery and menace, not a single character too precious to emerge unscathed, right up to the nerve racking end.