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The Boosh is like Sardines you either love them or you hate them I m afraid I m the former, so if you really don t like them, then this format probably won t convert you.However, if you re into wordplay, verbal imagery surreal comedy, then this is still the best place to hear them at their zenith.Why Several reasons.First is that this is the First Boosh release Hence it is fresh, creative had not been done before You may recognise some parts of it from the TV episodes e.g Howard Moon having one leg shorter than the other , but this is where they FIRST used this stuff, so it lacks the tongue in cheek nature of later repeats.Second is that this format allows your imagination to go wild Though the TV show is great, there is something even better when you concentrate on the words.For instance, the line What is this voodoo Black Milk The Wet Jigsaw would be ignorable on TV, but here your brain generates an image which puts a different spin on it.Third, and best of all, is Bob Fossil Bob Fossil didn t do much in TV Series one and was killed off But here he is fantastic There s even a song about him, which is inexplicably missed out on TV despite the fact that it is arguably the Boosh s greatest song.And, some of his lines are amazing When I m stressed at work, I find one of his lines said at exceedingly high volume can always crack people up.Which one I need some drugs Anyhow, my apologies if I seem over enthusiastic, but I m genuinely yet to find anything on as compelling brilliant as the Mighty Boosh And of all that they ve done, this easily ranks as the best.That said, feel free to take in other reviews for a balanced perspective.If you still feel drawn to it afterwards then I promise you you won t regret it. Given as a gift to my girlfriend as we loved the tv show although the storylines will be familiar to Boosh fans having been reworked for the first tv series the script jokes are mostly different so worth buying, she has had it on in the car now for weeks I bought this CD years ago and listened to it on a regular basis.I already loved the Boosh and did nt think they could get any funnier but then I discovered this CD and soon I looked forward to my 2 hours each way train journey each day just so I could listen to it again.I m now buying it again for the third time as everytime I lend it to someone I just end up never getting it back You don t need to be a fan of the Boosh to appreciate the genius of this CD so I d recommend to any comedy fan to give it a go You don t know what you re missing. Awesome Like watching the Mighty Boosh with your ears As usual, hilarious, imaginative and original Also features a few songs which are later on in the TV Series, as well as some songs which are exclusive to the radio series Would recommend to any fan Utter genius for Boosh enthusiasts very funny and the origins for the later TV shows can be heard. I have bought everything Boosh related that I can get my hands on This is one of my favorite purchases I like to listen to it when I am doing other things that don t require my full attention It would be perfect of a long car journey I liked it so much I bought a copy for my teenage grandson Can t wait to hear what he thinks of it. This Work Features The Complete BBC Radio Series From Perrier Award Winning Comedy Duo Julian Barratt And Noel Fielding Plus An Exclusive Interview With The Mighty Boosh Noel Fielding And Julian Barratt Are The Mighty Boosh And Together They Write And Star In Their First Radio Series Which Won The Douglas Adams Award For Innovative Comedy Writing Here Are All Six Episodes Of The BBC Radio Series, Complete And Uncut, From The Winners Of The Perrier Best Newcomer Award Welcome To The Surreal World Of Zooniverse Where Two Zookeepers Howard Moon Julian Barratt And Vince Noir Noel Fielding Embark On An Array Of Magical And Bizarre Adventures That Include A Trip To The Arctic Tundra To Find A Lost Egg, An Expedition Deep Into The Jungle And Being Trapped Inside A Hitchhiker S Box Feel The Bracken, Isolate The Crisps And Calm Your Llama Down With Some Blue Pants This Is A Madcap Style Of Music And Mayhem Which Sounds Mighty Like The Boosh Described By The Observer As Some Of The Most Inventive Comedy Writing Of The Decade , And Eliciting An Exclamation Of Wow From Simpsons Creator Matt Groening, Come With Us Now On A Journey Through Time And Space To The World Of The Mighty Boosh It S As Novel As Knowing Me, Knowing You Or The League Of Gentlemen Were In Their Daythe Real Thing S Never Hard To Spot, And The Boosh Is It Daily Telegraph