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Described by the O bserver as Some of the most inventive comedy writing of the decade, and eliciting an exclamation of Wow from Simpsons creator Matt Groening, come with us now on a journey through time and spaceto the world of The Mighty Boosh Here are all six episodes of the BBC Radioseries, complete and uncut, from the winners of the Perrier Best Newcomer Award In Episode , a mysterious character called The Phantom is stealing animals from the zoo Howard and Vince go on a mission to find the thief and the sinister figure behind the plot In Episode , tired of Bob Fossils management, Howard and Vince venture into the zoos Jungle Room in search of former zoo boss Tommy Nookah, Howards idol , who disappeared there long ago Episodesees Vince forming a rock band, but after annoying the guitarist Dave and driving him to quit, he calls on Howard to overcome the Spirit of Jazz and join them In Episode , when keeper Joey Moose is savagely bitten, Howard and Vince investigate and discover Bob Fossil is breeding mutant animals to sell to wealthy Japanese businessmen Episodefinds Bob Fossil sending Vince to Spain and Howard to the Arctic to collectanimals for the zoo Our heroes end up back together facing the perils of the tundra In Episode , Howard and Vince take Tony the prawn to the Zoo for Animal Offenders Along the way they meet a mysterious hitchhiker, and end up in the bizarre world of The People of the Box Starring Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, with Rich Fulcher, Lee Mack, and Richard AyoadeCDs,minutes