epub pdf The Only Skill that Matters: The Proven Methodology to Lesen Faster, Remember More, and Become a SuperLearner (English Edition)Autor Jonathan A Levi – Collateralloan.co

Jonathan Levi is not only the author of this awesome book, but also the instructor of the superlearner course on Udemy I ve decided to read the book as an addition to the course which was a good decision, since a few things are different, also it s a great way to repeat everything and read instead of watching videos Everything is basically on the point Jonathan doesen t need 250 chapters to explain the methology and make the book look tremendous This book leaves an impression simply by being clear on the point and professional which makes it easy and fast to read Everything important is explained in detail and with the necessary background examples This will change your life in a hurry.Also additional materials are included online, tons of free videos, podcasts, articles, I can t even say how much my life has turned around since I ve started this course.Jonathan Levi ist nicht nur der Autor von diesem gro artigen Buch sondern auch der instructor des superlearner kurses auf Udemy Ich habe mich entschieden das Buch zus tzlich zum kurs zu lesen, was eine gute Entscheidung war, weil einige Dinge im Buch anders erkl rt werden als im Kurs und es eine nette Erg nzung ist zu lesen und alles zu wiederholen anstatt nur die Videos zu sehen Im Grunde bringt er alles auf den Punkt Jonathan braucht keine 250 Kapitel um seine Methode zu erkl ren und das Buch herausragend erscheinen zu lassen Dieses Buch hinterl sst einen Eindruck, indem es klar auf den Punkt bringt was es zu vermitteln gilt Das macht es relativ einfach und schnell zu lesen Alles was von Bedeutung ist, wird detailiert erkl rt und notwendiges Hintergrundwissen und Beispiele werden immer eingebracht Das ver ndert dein Leben schnell.Es gibt zus tzlich zum Buch viel Erg nzungsmaterial online, viele kostenlose Videos, Podcasts und Artikel Ich kann gar nicht beschreiben wie sehr sich mein Leben ver ndert hat seit ich den Kurs angefangen habe. I found the book to be good and I am already implementing most of its ideas and advice However I also think that some important themes were not really explained, just briefly mentioned in the hope that one buys membership to the superhuman academy it s just my wild guess A lot of the referenced material also felt like a commercial to other similar type of service providers So, the book is good but nothing super about it, for me I will give it another read and apply it intensively every day and we ll see some results. The method that this book teaches is impressive in that it seems to be both effective and fun I got the book to act as a companion book to his Udemy course.Levis writing style is very much like his onscreen delivery clear and easily digestible The book is very easy to read and the only issue I have is that I always can t wait to learn what is coming next and often it feels like it s probably best to pause the material and practice the techniques you have just been shown.I found the book slow to start, covering the mechanics of how the brain and memory work although I appreciate the value of this But for me it it really kicks into gear in chapters 5 on pre reading and preparation and chapter 5 when the visual marker training begins.There is a lot of areas covered and I have found the book has been a real springboard to dive deeper into other methods that Levi mentions e.g Anthony Metiviers Memory Palace teachings, Wim Hof method, etc In this way it has been a bit of a life changer.I feel I will read the book again many time in the future truly inspiring Thank you Jonathan Inspirerend boek Leest makkelijk en snel weg Zet je aan het denken en aan het werk Om deze technieken te masteren, moet je aan de bak, dat kan via de cursussen die aangeboden worden, maar natuurlijk ook op eigen kracht Er is veel informatie over het onderwerp te vinden,maar dit boekje pakt het mooi samen Ik zou zeggen, lees het, en ga ermee aan de slag In the next ten years, every knowledge worker on earth will become one of two things invaluable or obsolete No matter the industry, the pace of progress and new information is faster today than ever before in human historyand its accelerating exponentiallyIn this new reality, how can we possibly hope to keep up How can we learn, unlearn, and relearn fast enough to stay relevant in the world to come In The Only Skill That Matters, Jonathan Levi unveils a powerful, neuroscience based approach to reading faster, remembering , and learning effectively Youll master the ancient techniques being used by world record holders and competitive memory athletes to unlock the incredible capacity of the human brain Youll learn to double or triple your reading speed, enhance your focus, and optimize your cognitive performance Most importantly, youll be empowered to confidently approach any subjectfrom technical skills, to names and faces, to foreign languages, and even speechesand learn it with ease This book gets two stars simple and only because it puts together its ideas in a coherent and readable fashion There is nothing new here, the techniques presented are all outlined elsewhere and have been for decades.As for the author well he explains very early on in the book the secret of his success, its not a skill, its not training, its the fact he took and continues to take ritalin Don t waste your money on this fraud. I ve been a big fan of Levi and his super human academy online courses for a while Not only is his story inspirational, this book has helped me improve my learning and growth exponentially.I was getting frustrated that I couldn t get through my reading quickly enough, and learning and applying the knowledge from the books I was reading and workshops and lectures I was attending was a little hit and miss This book has given me skills that I wish I had back in school People have commented on how much I seem to be taking in and bringing to the party in meetings.Knowing his work, I went in knowing that it wouldn t be an onerous read, but I was taken aback by how simply he has broken down incredibly powerful tools They are well thought out, supported with science and really, really easy to start using.Being able to learn effectively is the ultimate competitive advantage and the bedrock of all success in life If you can do it well, then any other skill you choose will come to you.I now read faster I read a broader range of material Retain from lectures, workshops and books Have better recall and can better apply the knowledge I don t want to say this book has changed my life as people may write me off and being a little glib, but it has certainly made it a damn site better.I dare you to read this book and not feel both inspired and like you can go take on the world. I almost gave up with this book at the beginning At the start the author I felt was just telling us how amazing he was without any evidence.Fortunately I skim read the early chapters until I got to where the actual content was, and I will admit when you arrive at this point he does have genuinely good stuff to learn.While I couldn t help finding him still falling into pomposity in the remaining chapters I was willing to forgive him because he does give useful and well explained lessons on how to improve the learning experience.So I would definitely recommend this book, although you might want to skip over the early chapters. Having followed Jonathan s online courses, blog, and podcast for a number of years, I can absolutely attest to the quality of his teaching something that comes flowing through in this book However, this book, maybe than anything else he s put out so far, really goes into detail about his back story, along with that of human evolution This acts to simultaneously explain why the techniques and training he espouses work, and also how he has applied them in his only life to great effect, taking himself from class clown to super learner Anyone that listens to his podcast can clearly hear Jonathan s passion for learning and living up to his fullest potential and through his work, exemplified by this book, he helps us to see how we can do the same. I ve noticed an improvement in my ready speed already Rentention rate is up too.The author tells a fantastic story, the techniques are just the icing on the cake.