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This is a review of the 2017 CD release, obtained through other sources than , but as far as I can discern, down to the barcode, we are talking about the identical product.If you re a fan of The News Quiz, then you already have some idea of what this collection contains If you re not, then here s the brief summary The News Quiz is a satirical review of the news broadcast on BBC Radio 4, which used to be broadcast weekly in long series spanning several months of the year now, the schedule is lighter The show began in 1977, and has continued through the reigns of five chairs up to the present day Barry Norman, Barry Took, Simon Hoggart, Sandi Toksvig, and, currently, Miles Jupp Two teams originally of journalists, but comedians soon crept into the mix were presented with questions about the week s news by the chairman, the teams answered as amusingly and competitively as possible, points were assigned, and amusement was had by all The original teams were helmed by Alan Coren writer, broadcaster, and editor of Punch and Richard Ingrams editor of Private Eye Each team captain had a weekly guest, who helped them along in answering the questions Obviously, the satirical nature of the proceedings meant that the discussion of some contemporary events makes some early shows impenetrable, unless your memory is preternaturally acute In view of this, it was the silly questions, the absurd studies, the governmental and bureaucratic nonsense, and of course, the clippings of errors and bizarre tit bits from newspapers that routinely made the programmes hilarious.However, there s a catch if you ve been buying the BBC releases for a while, even back to the cassette era in the mid 90s, then you should be aware of what you re getting with this collection before you buy, so here s the listing from inside the plastic case, with my notes CD1 The Archive Hour Headlines, Deadlines Barry Took s Pick of the News Quiz from time to time on cassette, and may be able to convert it yourself, assuming that it remains playable after twenty plus years As far as the physical release, the packaging itself also leaves than a little to be desired, consisting of a plastic case with a single, feeble spindle mine has already broken , on which the eight CDs are supposed to sit I m considering breaking the thing completely and putting the CDs in individual envelopes inside the case, as I dislike the stacking method of CD storage intensely, but to each their own.Further, would it have killed anyone to do some sort of commemorative booklet It s definitely a first world sort of problem, but if an entity like the BBC is putting a package like this together, what s so hard about getting a little booklet together, maybe with an essay by one of the surviving participants Ian Hislop Francis Wheen Jeremy Hardy Andy Hamilton Even the Great Giggler herself, newsreader Charlotte Green Most irritating, of course, is the fact that the contents are not clearly denoted in the description I probably should have guessed from this line of the contents Also included are Barry Took and Simon Hoggart s own selections of funniest moments from the 1980s to the 2000s but in all honesty, I was hoping for a fresh look through the old tapes, maybe even a release of some of the earliest programmes, rather than a reissue of things that I already had, and not even all of them So back to the off air recordings from the 1980s and 90s we go.Ultimately, if you re new to The News Quiz, or if you want to listen to how good it used to be and haven t bought the other collections, then this is the set for you The contents, although excellent in themselves, could have been better described, and the re release nature of this package could have been made clearer The conversion of two previous releases, which previously appeared only on cassette, to CD is welcome, but why didn t the Beeb do the oldest release too It would have been very easy to make this a really special package, and it s a shame that the BBC missed the mark, but I can imagine that there s still a constituency for which this collection is the ideal candidate One star knocked off for deficiencies in packaging and labelling If you re listening to The News Quiz now as a podcast from BBC Radio 4 and are curious about the past, give this set a go Defects aside, it s a great introduction. great collection, plenty to listen to. Lovely compilation, interesting background info and plenty of laughs Very happy I m thoroughly enjoying this CD set, especially the clip shows hosted by Barry Took. A Headline Crunching Celebration Of Radio S Hugely Successful Topical Comedy Quiz Show The News Quiz Made Its Debut On Radio In , And Four Decades Later It S Still Playfully Making And Breaking The Headlines Of Our Daily News Among The Vintage Gems In This Collection Are Years Of The News Quiz, In Which Alan Coren, Andy Hamilton, Jeremy Hardy, John Sergeant, Linda Smith And Francis Wheen Take A Trip Through A Quarter Of A Century Of Headline News, With Radio Newsreaders Providing Cuttings And Giggles From To Meanwhile The Archive Hour Headlines, Deadlines And Punchlines, Presented By Matthew Parris, Features Interviews With Chairmen And Panellists Past And Present Including Barry Norman Also Included Are Barry Took And Simon Hoggart S Own Selections Of Funniest Moments From The S To The S The Plethora Of Guest Players Featured Includes Clive Anderson, Joan Bakewell, Jo Brand, Rory Bremner, Peter Cook, Edwina Currie, Nigel Dempster, Roy Hattersley, Tony Hawks, Jeremy Hardy, Ian Hislop, Richard Ingrams, Clive James, Boris Johnson, Charles Kennedy, Miles Kington, Maureen Lipman, Stuart Maconie, Steve Punt, Willie Rushton, John Sergeant, Linda Smith, Mark Steel, Janet Street Porter, Sandi Toksvig, John Wells And Many, Many If You Enjoy Your News Humorously Grilled, With A Side Order Of Biting Wit, This Vintage Collection Is Highly Recommended Some Of The Humour On This Release Reflects The Era In Which It Was First Broadcast