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A Black Tide Of Perversity, Violence, And Lush Writing I Loved It Joe HillDebut Author Jennifer Giesbrecht Paints A Darkly Compelling Fantasy Of Revenge In The Monster Of Elendhaven, A Dark Fantasy About Murder, A Monster, And The Magician Who Loves BothThe City Of Elendhaven Sulks On The Edge Of The Ocean Wracked By Plague, Abandoned By The South, Stripped Of Industry And Left To Die But Not Everything Dies So Easily A Thing Without A Name Stalks The City, A Thing Shaped Like A Man, With A Dark Heart And Long Pale Fingers Yearning To Wrap Around Throats A Monster Who Cannot Die His Frail Master Sends Him Out On Errands, Twisting Him With Magic, Crafting A Plan Too Cruel To Name, While The Monster S Heart Grows Fonder And Colder And CunningThese Monsters Of Elendhaven Will Have Their Revenge On Everyone Who Wronged The City, Even If They Have To Burn The World To Do It

5 thoughts on “The Monster of Elendhaven

  1. El Chupacabra El Chupacabra says:

    This was a really good story, easily finished in a single sitting It s a dark, disturbing, twisted little tale the likes of which I have never read before I don t even know how to describe this book, but it was a fun read A truly unique tale that is not for the squeamish My only complaint is that now I want to know about this strange diesel punk world

  2. Jota-Pe Jota-Pe says:

    I received this book yesterday and read it last night and this morning The prose is pretty and the world and characters interesting, but the execution feel a bit sloppy The dialogue was blah at best I wanted to know about the world and see the characters grow and change, but the story rushes along so fast that none of that is possible Definitely an enjoyable if disappointing quick read.

  3. Ashley Elliott Ashley Elliott says:

    Gearing up for Halloween picked up a monster book to end September and start October and didn t love it It suffers from the same thing most novellas do, there s so much story and not enough info for the story I wanted monsters and got romance which I didn t hate but it wasn t fully fleshed out so I didn t get to enjoy it either I ll read other books she writes and this was fun but maybe next time there will be

  4. P. Teintze P. Teintze says:

    If you like fantasy horror with a creeping undercurrent of environmental destruction, this is your book Think unkillable Jack the Ripper type joins forces with sorcerer Moriarty type to bring about the apocalypse This book is creepy and violent and extremely well done.

  5. rcronin rcronin says:

    I didn t check the page count before purchasing so I didn t realize it was of a novella but I discovered I really enjoyed it being shorter I agree with other reviewers that I wish there d been MORE, simply becausewell, I enjoyed what the author did give us It s dark, and a very dense readpacks a lot into those 160 pages I would absolutely recommend, especially during these fall and winter months great creepy read Probably going to grab a copy for a gift Merry Christmas, enjoy some murders.