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Every one of us is the product of our past experiences Good or bad, everything we do is informed by our memories or accurately, what we take away from those memories But what if you could go back and rewrite the lessons of the past What if you could turn a road block into a springboard What if you could change your behaviour by changing your memories Maybe it sounds too futuristic to be real, but its both real and possible Our past doesnt have to dictate our future Losing weight, ending addiction, improving relationships, improving careers you can really change these behaviours by altering your memories In his groundbreaking new book The Memory Code, bestselling author Dr Alexander Loyd teaches you how, revealing techniques hes been developing for thanyearsWhen we have a negative experience, we develop coping mechanisms to avoid that experience in the future That can lead to behaviours like overeating, substance abuse, or poor lifestyle choices By turning negative memories into positive ones, we can change the behaviours at the root of our problems This process, called memory re engineering, involves teaching our brains to re imagine and re code certain memories that trigger negative associations and the avoidance and coping mechanisms weve developed to deal with them It means teaching ourselves to rethink those internal images so that instead of producing fear, anxiety and other negative emotions, they produce love, peace and positive associations More nonsense Certainly not worth reading unless you like advice from a layman To me it s nothing than a religiously themed opinion with absolutely no relevance whatsoever Save your money, don t be fooled by an attractive cover. An excellent book as I study various healing techniques. This book won t suit everyone but I loved it It s written like all of Alex Loyd s books,starting off with an explanation of how he overcame his early problems in his marriage and helped cure his wife s depression through committing to doing everything in love However, he had trouble convincing his counselling clients to follow in his footsteps In this latest book, he believes that Memory Engineering his term for his process of removing the subconscious negative memories that create continual stress and problems in our lives could be the incentive and the answer The theme and even his memory engineering formula isn t really new but he provides a new slant which can be valuable to anyone wanting a self help approach to addressing problems in their lives including those who help others such as therapists, counsellors and energy workers. It works I ve been using it for 2 months I love the results.