Free Best Historical Atlas of Native AmericansAuthor IAN BARNES –

This fascinating book explores the history of the native peoples of North America, from the early arrival of humans from Asia and their migration throughout the continent, the first and subsequently devastating contacts with European explorers and settlers, to the present day plight of the surviving tribes and their attempts to adapt to modern society Particular emphasis is placed on the role of women in tribal society, the traditional familial and societal structures of Native Americans, and their diverse cultural values and practicesThe authoritative, absorbing text is illuminated with beautifully illustrated maps showing the movements of the peoples and overcolor photographs and illustrations plus reproductions of contemporary paintings depicting archaeological sites, artifacts, battles and great events, and the people involved the chiefs and generals as well as the ordinary Indians and lost ways of life Dr Ian Barnes is Head of the Department of History and International Studies at the University of Derby, England He studied at the Universities of Sussex, England Stockholm, Sweden and the London School of Economics University of London He has been a United States Information Agency Visiting Professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte He has authored numerous articles on European history and has written The Historical Atlas of Asia, The Historical Atlas of Europe, The Historical Atlas of the American Revolution, and The Historical Atlas of the Bible