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Oh, come on with a cover like that, who could resist And it was actually pretty cool The story follows three teens, who explore an abandoned house deep in the forest, where a young girl had been brutally tortured and killed Her death had been filmed by the killers, and uploaded to the internet, where it had become a frequent download by curious teens And without getting into spoilers, I ll just say the dead girl is really really pissed at people watching this snuff film of her death.It s a really quick read, and does keep you turning pages but it also has you thumping your head at some of the kids stupidity And the author s choice to keep one of the kids a skeptic really wears thin after a while The dialogue is also hit and miss But overall, it was a fun read, and I m looking forward to reading some books by this author. Molly Holt Is Dead There S Nothing To Fear In This HouseWhen Three Teenagers Set Out To Explore An Abandoned House In The Middle Of A Forest, They Think They Ve Found The Location Where The Infamous Molly Holt Video Was FilmedThey Ve Found Much Than ThatFROM THE AUTHOR OF ASYLUM, HAUNTED AND THE NIGHT GIRLTim Doesn T Believe In Ghosts, But He Has A Crush On A Girl Who Does That S Why He Ends Up Taking Her Out To The House, And It S Also Why He Lets Her Take His Only Flashlight But As They Explore The House Together, Tim And Becky Start To Realize That Something Else Might Be Lurking In The ShadowsSomething That, Ten Years Ago, Suffered Unimaginable PainSomething That Won T Rest Until A Terrible Wrong Has Been Put RightE GHOST OF MOLLY HOLT Is A Horror Novel A Boy Who Refuses To Believe In Ghosts, Even As The Evidence Mounts All Around Him But As Darkness Creeps Into The House, Will He Be Able To Hold His Nerve Or Will He Finally Have To Accept That Molly Holt Has Risen From Her Unmarked Grave In Search Of Revenge Amy Cross is a prolific writer so there are bound to be missteps and unfortunately, The Ghost of Molly Holt is one of them.There is a great story here The premise is interesting and the characters have a lot of potential Sadly, it is presented in a rushed, haphazard way that tries to blend Saw level sadism in an Evil Dead inspired creepy cabin Nothing feels fully developed The plot seems to plow forward, inconsistencies be damned, in order to get to the end of the book Character development is largely one dimensional The final chapters are absolute throwaways that do nothing to really enhance the story There are plot holes large enough for a semi truck to drive through When I finished, I was disappointed not because the book was bad, but because there was a really good opportunity missed.The Ghost of Molly Holt is woefully underdeveloped Had Cross taken her time to iron out the story and work on character development, it could have been a smash hit Instead, whether it be due to contractual obligations or a lack of ideas on how to foster and grow the story, it was published far before it was ready and it shows I think back to American Coven, which is excellent, although riddled with grammar and name mixups I d rather read a book that has those kinds of issues than one that seems half done. The Ghost of Molly Holt by Amy Cross is a 2017 publication by this very prolific writer of horror fiction I read a lot of her novels and have never been bored by her writing until this novel It was probably bound to happen But I can not resist comparing this novel to her other novels I have read This one just doesn t match up as far as quality of plot and characters So, what happened It is not the lack of surprises there are some interesting ones But I had to read through twenty chapters before anything typically Cross happened The first twenty chapters could have been any ghost story told around a campfire at a scouting camp out Completely unremarkable Then, in chapter twenty one the story became interesting No, you can t just skip to chapter twenty one and read a good story The first chapters are necessary for the last nine chapters to make sense, at least as much sense as a horror story can make In those first twenty chapters, there are hints of subplots that could have been developed to keep a reader entertained along the way to the main event They were never developed.Molly Holt died a gruesome death many years in the past during the making of a snuff film She was tortured and killed for the amusement of others Although the film was widely circulated in video stores and later on the internet, the place where she was killed was never determined Her body was not found but the police were sure that the film was real It became a high school cool ritual to watch the film One high school student, Freddy, became obsessed with the film and read all the background material to the story he could find He even thought he had found the house where Molly was killed.Freddy wants to convince everyone that he was a hero of his story he had found the abandoned crime scene He invites his friend Tim to go to the house one night and look at the proof that Freddy claimed he had found On the way to the house they met Becky, a girl Tim is smitten with Smitten is a fine word to describe Tim s feelings for Becky because smitten can handle a budding relationship that has no sex There is no sex in this novel.For twenty chapters we read of the three arguing about the existence of ghosts Freddy is convinced that Molly still inhabits the house Tim is dismissive of the idea but is willing to change his views to accommodate Becky Becky is a non believer but willing to change based on evidence convincing to her Other situations are hinted at There might be a relationship between Becky and Tim Tim is not sure of it Becky might have a bad reputation in school, she may have been abused at home, and she is definitely mature than Freddy or Tim But all those things are lightly hinted at and never developed The reader is left with a twenty chapter argument of Yes, ghosts exist and No, they don t said with increasing voice volume as the speakers get frustrated with each other Until chapter twenty one.With chapter twenty one, readers begin to see twists and surprises I like the Cross style of writing so I was only mildly disappointed at the long wait to get to the good stuff I only gave it three stars on While it was overall good, if it were the first Amy Cross novel I read, I would not read another one. Three teenagers set out to explore an abandoned house in the woods One of them believes it to be the place where an infamous video was filmed, one showing the sadistic torture and murder of a young woman 10 years earlier They hope to find proof that this is the right place They find so much.The story is cohesive and moves along fairly quickly I found myself caring about what happened to the main character Near the end, the story does some jumping around to 50 years in the future and back, which was a little weird All in all, though, it was a fun and spooky little read.