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The Genius of Egypt is the incredible story of the worlds first multi faceted genius, Imhotep, and his amazing adventure from humble student to magical healer to eventually becoming the savior of the entire kingdom of Egypt Set inBCE, Imhoteps journey includes themes of courage, the quest for knowledge, and the idea that believing in yourself is where your true power liesImhoteps journey starts as a young scribe devoted to learning while being guided by his wize and knowledgeable father, Kanofer It doesnt take long before Imhotep discovers he has an extraordinary skill for healing wounds and curing sickness This magical talent elevates him to the royal heights of Egyptian power when he saves the life of the Pharaohs daughter But his success is short lived when ayear curse befalls the entire kingdom and Imhotep must go on a dangerous quest across an unyielding desert and crocodile infested water to save the empireLavishly illustrated in full color, using D technology, each page is carefully crafted to bring the exotic beauty of ancient Egypt to life Young readers will learn various facts about ancient Egypt and feed their imaginations with tales of magic, danger, and age old mysteries The Genius of Egypt will give your child a greater understanding and appreciation for ancient African history with stunning visuals to go along, too It is a must have for every familys library Inspiring Great book for boys 4 to 12 yrs old As an educator, I wanted to love this book because protagonist Imhotep, the architect of the first stair stepped pyramid in ancient Egypt, is such a worthy subject for children especially those studying ancient Egypt in first grade as do many Core Knowledge schools But instead of focusing on known, actual achievements of the Egyptian innovator, this book emphasizes his magical healing powers, ability to cast spells, and above all his conviction that all things were possible if he believed strongly enough in himself Twenty first century, hello Imhotep is portrayed as a mythical super hero rather than one who sought knowledge and innovated on the basis of what he learned Vibrant color illustrations notwithstanding, it is an odd, dissatisfying take on an important figure in world history and not school worthy.