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Whimsical and revolutionary poems and art by some of Russia s foremost avant garde writers and illustratorsA boy wants a toy horse big enough to ride,but where can his father find it Not inthe stores, which means its got to be builtfrom scratch How With the help of expertworkers, from the carpenter to the painter,working together as one And now the bold boyis ready to ride off in defense of the future Two trams, Click and Zam, are cousins Clickgoes out for a day on the tracks and beforelong hes so tired he doesnt know where heis or how to get back All he knows is hes gotto find Zam Click is looking for Zam and Zamis looking for Click, and though for a while itseems like nobody knows where to find Click,good and faithful Zam is not to be deterred Peters a car, Vascos a steamboat, andMikeys a plane Theyre all running like madand going great guns until, whoops, theres abig old cow, just a plain old cow, standing inthe road What then The early years of the Soviet Union were agolden age for childrens literature The FireHorse brings together three classics from theera in which some of Russias most celebratedpoets, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Osip Mandelstam,and Daniil Kharms, teamed up with some of itsfinest artists, Lidia Popova, Boris Ender, andVladimir Konashevich Brilliantly translated bythe poet Eugene Ostashevsky, this is poetrythat is as whimsical and wonderful as it isrevolutionary

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