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This book is easy to read Points for adding research datas on making memories Small sections that divides each part makes reading breeze. Love this book This wasn t a flick and read a page type of book that I expected It s theory and no real quick ideas for inspiration I am 10 pages in and thats only the introduction , I am hooked It is amazing Love the way it is wrote and his sense of humour It makes me want to write about my memories Seriously buy this book I m in love. The format of this book is beautiful It is a small, hard covered book with thick And colorful pages It basically talks about how to create great memories using all of our senses I enjoyed reading it and feeling it with all my senses. I am a big fan of Meik Wiking s work and I was looking forward to his new book This is a lovely and charming book all about memories There are some nice heartwarming stories that make this book very enjoyable I really liked the tips and information to help create happy memories The end is so beautiful and touching Well done, Meik As always, Meik has some of the most entertaining stories to weave into his narrative This book includes many interesting facts about the how we remember, what we remember, and why we remember He gives advice on ways to use this data to create your own happy memories Whether you want to implement those strategies or not, this book is worth a read for all the insights and embarrassing stories. Nicely organized and ver positive read My son age 10 loved this book xHis Is a big fan of hygge and has been waiting for weeks for this book xx His words when we opened the packaging was quick let s make a coffee stain on it We love you, you ve made us happy Chris EvansHappy memories are essential to our mental healthThey strengthen our identity, sense of purpose and relationships Meik s new book will teach you how to create and remember happy moments and will change how you think about happy memories Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Number One bestselling author of ThePillar Plan and BBC Breakfast GP The third book from the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute and internationally bestselling author of The Little Book of Hygge, Meik WikingWhy is it that a piece of music, a smell, a taste can take us back to something we had forgotten How is it that we remember our first kiss in detail, but barely remember anything of a fortnight s holiday from five years ago Memories are the cornerstones of our identity, shaping who we are, how we act, and how we feel But how do we make and keep the memories that bring us lasting joy Happiness expert Meik Wiking has the answers In The Art of Making Memories he brings together his extensive research drawn from the world s biggest study on happy memories which involvedpeople fromcountries , conducted at the Happiness Research Institute, along with data and diaries, interviews, global surveys and studies, and real life behavioural science and happiness experiments, to explain the nuances of nostalgia, the different ways we form memories around our experiences, and how we can become better at recalling themWritten in Meik s warm and funny trademark style, filled with infographics, illustrations, and photographs, and featuring Happy Memory Tips , The Art of Making Memoriesis a life affirming read which show you it s easier than you think to make your life unforgettable