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The Archers, Like Life, Is Made Of Moments Marriages And Births, Loves And Losses, Triumphs And Disasters It Has Been The Soundtrack Of Our Lives For Over Six Decades, From Stooking Corn With Dan Archer In The S To The Tragic Death Of Nigel Pargetter In We Know The Characters Of Ambridge From Much Loved Phil And Jill Archer And The Irrepressible Grundys To Wayward Brian Aldridge Like We Know Close Friends This Book Is Their Tribute The Ambridge Chronicles Relives Some Of The Defining Moments In The Archers History, Delving Into The Rich Archive Of Its Scripts, To Celebrate The Highs And Lows That Have Made The World S Longest Running Radio Serial So Treasured

8 thoughts on “The Archers: The Ambridge Chronicles: Moments that made the nation's favourite radio drama (Doctor Who)

  1. BazJazz BazJazz says:

    A book for the Archers addict, full of detail of things that have happened from minor family matters to absolute tragedies Things remembered and things and people forgotten I picked it up to read a page or two to get the flavour of the book and put it down, reluctantly, 32 pages later I had a spell abroad and missed the Archers and all that was happening I caught up occasionally with conversations with an Archers addict friend, it was like catching up with a group of friends I lived for a number of years in Dorset, a farming county, the similarities with the land of the Archers is remarkable Borsetshire, Dorset shire, Borchester, Dorchester Long may it reign

  2. Monty Monty says:

    I have listened to The Archers on and off for about 40 years I first listened as a child with my Grandma but after a ten year gap have come back to it This book filled in the gaps in my knowledge and reminded me of major events I d forgotten Well worth a read

  3. Maureen M Maureen M says:

    This book is lots of snippets from the long running series of The Archers I found it useful in getting a background on characters, being a relative newcomer to listening regularly instead of occasionally catching an episode, but it s not a page turner as an Archers novel is.

  4. David. David. says:

    Item received in good condition Thank you.

  5. Helen Phipps Helen Phipps says:

    quick delivery, good item

  6. Tops Tops says:

    Mrs is a fan, this will help her to top up her Ambridge knowledge

  7. Frances Gray Frances Gray says:

    Fun book

  8. Customer Customer says:

    It s a splendid book for those people who enjoy listening to The Archers There are lots of interesting details that enthusiasts will love.