[Free Reading] The Age of Extremes: A History of the World, 1914-1991Author Professor Eric Hobsbawm – Collateralloan.co

Dividing the century into the Age of Catastrophe,, the Golden Age,, and the Landslide,, Hobsbawm marshals a vast array of data into a volume of unparalleled inclusiveness, vibrancy, and insight, a work that ranks with his classics The Age of Empire and The Age of Revolution In the short century betweenand , the world has been convulsed by two global wars that swept away millions of lives and entire systems of government Communism became a messianic faith and then collapsed ignominiously Peasants became city dwellers, housewives became workers and, increasingly leaders Populations became literate even as new technologies threatened to make print obsolete And the driving forces of history swung from Europe to its former colonies Includespages of photos