download books Shadows of Doubt: Stereotypes, Crime, and the Pursuit of JusticeAuthor Brendan O Flaherty –

Shadows of Doubt reveals how deeply stereotypes distort our interactions, shape crime, and deform the criminal justice systemIf you re a robber, how do you choose your victims As a police officer, how afraid are you of the young man you re about to arrest As a judge, do you think the suspect in front of you will show up in court if released from pretrial detention As a juror, does the defendant seem guilty to you Your answers may depend on the stereotypes you hold, and the stereotypes you believe others hold In this provocative, pioneering book, economists Brendan O Flaherty and Rajiv Sethi explore how stereotypes can shape the ways crimes unfold and how they contaminate the justice system through farinsidious, pervasive, and surprising paths than we have previously imaginedCrime and punishment occur under extreme uncertainty Offenders, victims, police officers, judges, and jurors make high stakes decisions with limited information, under severe time pressure With compelling stories and extensive data on how people act as they try to commit, prevent, or punish crimes, O Flaherty and Sethi reveal the extent to which we rely on stereotypes as shortcuts in our decision making Sometimes it s simple Robbers tend to target those they stereotype as beingcompliant Other interactions display a complex and sometimes tragic interplay of assumptions If he thinks I m dangerous, he might shoot I ll shoot first Shadows of Doubt shows how deeply stereotypes are implicated in the most controversial criminal justice issues of our time, and how a clearer understanding of their effects can guide us toward ajust society