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All I Had To Do Was Find The Missing Parts Of Some Little Trinket, What Could Possibly Go Wrong It Turns Out The Answer Was Just About Everything I Thought Id Finally Escaped The Worst Danger I Would Facebut I Was Wrong, Very Wrong Only After Leaving The Safe Confines Of Lorida Behind Did I Discover The True Depths Of The Evils That Plagued My New HomeBut My Problems Werent Limited To Fending Off The Bloodthirsty Bandits And Creatures Roaming The Untamed Lands Of Arrika Id Barely Had Time To Come To Terms With Who I Really Was Before Being Confronted With A New Mystery About Myselfone That I Was Unable To Face Alone What Began As A Simple Quest To Recover The Pieces Of A Lost Artifact Quickly Became A Journey To Discover Even Deeper Secrets Secrets That Would Perhaps Be Best Left Undisturbed Yet The Path To My Own Future Required That I Uncover The Hidden Past Of This World, No Matter The CostAmid Constant Conflict, I Struggled To Understand Just What Was Happening But This Time, The Outcome Wouldnt Affect Only Me My Companions Would Bear The Impact As Well And Possibly Countless Others As Well Reader Advisory This Book Contains Scenes Of Graphic Violence And Deals With Mature Adult Themes SECOND SKIN Series Order Fractures Pieces Reader Advisory This Book Contains Scenes Of Graphic Violence And Deals With Mature Themes Dreya and her friends go on a simple quest to find the missing tokens They quickly learn it is much epic than they could have guessed What follows is a trip to the wilderness and a string of mini adventures tied together by the search for the tokens.The story kept me hooked More character development for all the main characters I liked it, but some of it kept dragging on and others were resolved instantly Less anger, which I liked The fact that it felt like a computer game with a rather simple morality was fine for me Still, I was not looking for too much depth, butoccassionally found it too simple Mindless evil monsters are one thing, but I like villains to have a bit motivation then lust for violence.The biggest dissapointment for me were the prologue and epilogue It removes a lot of the for me interesting question that set it apart from other similar stories and makes the whole stuck in a game start unnecessary Dreya being the old man and whether it is a game or not offer imo better story opportunities than the rather cliche storyline it appears to be right now I also dislike prophecies and meddlesome gods fate with a passion It feels a bit like a cheap trick to explain too many coincidences and it is not my thing.Still, I like it well enough to try future parts Domain building can be an interesting aspect of litrpg that we have not seen too often There are signs though that make me a bit hesitent The first novel, while having some weaknesses was very enjoyable to read Sadly this second novel repeatedly ruined my immersion to the point that I finally gave up about midway The story itself was good and reasonably well told like the first though with what I consider forgivable weaknesses from an inexperienced author.What I could not overlook was the horrible character interaction The author seemed intent on focusing the story around his characters relationships but did not manage to pull it off The interactions often seemed forced, unrealistic self righteous and preachy Each of the offending interactions seemed planned and did fit the story I can only guess that this novel was rushed and lacked the same level proofreading that the first received I think with a bit honest outside input and polishing the dialogue those scenes would have worked as I believe the author imagined them to play out.