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A Computer Generated Fantasy Gone WrongIn One Final Attempt To Salvage The Wreckage Of My Life, I Stepped Into A Virtual Reality Chamber, Searching For Something, Anything, That Might Make Me Want To Live Again But When I Emerged Inside The Virtual World Of Second Skin, I Immediately Discovered That Things Had Gone Wrongterribly WrongI Was Suddenly Trapped In A Strange Place Where Nothing Was What It Seemed Unable To Determine What Was Real Unsure Of Anything, Including Myself Hunted And Alone In This Harsh Land, How Will I Survive And Even Importantly, Who The Hell Am I SECOND SKIN Series Order Fractures Pieces Reader Advisory This Book Contains Scenes Of Graphic Violence And Deals With Mature ThemesReviewsThe Characters, The Settings, The Arcs, Everything About This Book Was Amazing I Love The MC And I Cannot Wait To See I Was Hooked By The End Of The First Chapter Loved Every Second Of This Book Take A Little Larry Dixon And Mercedes Lackey And Sprinkle Liberally With Some Terry Brooks And Mix Well And That Is The Feast That This Author Serves You One Of The Best Litrpgs I Have Read In A While, And Just A Good Fantasy Book

5 thoughts on “Second Skin: Fractures: A litRPG Adventure (Second Skin Book 1) (English Edition)

  1. larry larry says:

    An interesting book that, while using several fairly common concepts, takes them in a new and interesting direction.A middle age man, probably in his 50 s, still lost to the world 3 years after his wife of 30 years is killed in a traffic accident, decides to turn his pitiful life in a new direction Driven by his past interest in MMORPG s, he invests in full immersion VR.A slight glitch occurs during his initial immersion he ends up in the body of a female avatar that he had played many years prior Assuming that the glitch caused the transformation, and that it also grayed out his communications and logout, he decides to play on, determining that he will automatically logout after 8 hours and will have the ability to re roll.Thus, the adventure beginsThis book addresses the resolution of personal crisis as much as it does RPG There are 3 almost immediate crisis dilemmas their resolution becomes a primary storyline that will continue on through the series.This book is also a grind and level up sequence, with reasonable action sequences and their description The pacing is fairly consistent perhaps a but slow for some I would suggest the occasional inclusion of legacy or inheritance items and or abilities the book does seem to be moving in the direction of something similar, just moving a little too slowly.I also kept looking for something special involving nature , as that s part of the MC s class.Game Mechanics an interesting mix of abilities, skills, and spells as the MC levels Attribute points are added at every level, some are fixed The full character sheet is presented far too often I would suggest showing only the section currently being referenced by the MC Level, experience, and attributes are sufficient unless skills, abilities, spells, and inventory are directly referenced Otherwise, it s just a massive data dump.All in all, a good beginning in what could eventually become an excellent series The MC s character development should become especially insightful.

  2. DJF DJF says:

    I take things out of the internet, I don t put them in So for me to get off my butt and write a review must mean I really like it I ve probably written only three or four other reviews on in all the years I ve used it I ve never read one of these litRPG books before, I had never heard of this genre actually I have read a few Japanese light novels about people going to other worlds, and I think that s why suggested this one to me.The characters were interesting, and I was curious to see what happened to them There were a few predictable moments, but that s ok, I enjoyed them anyways A few bits were a little heavy handed, but overall I liked the flow and style I felt it was pretty well written.I bought it because it was only three bucks, but I would pay double that for the next one This is easily a six dollar book I d probably even pay ten, but don t tell the author that My only complaint is that I can read faster than he can write If I could pre order the next one, I would A lot of the fun for me is to imagine what I d do in the same situation.You ve got an intriguing character, and some cool supporting characters This is than just a set up or origin story there s actually plot that goes on while you get to know the characters.It might have wrapped up a little too easily, but that s ok I m interested to see where it goes.

  3. joshua joshua says:

    A very interesting main character A world with room to grow A very good grip and graphic expression of emotional aspects Well, worth the time to read and enjoy

  4. P. Sleijpen P. Sleijpen says:

    The protagonist is an old depressed man who joins a full immersion MMORPG in an attempt to recover Things do not go as expected as he ends up in the bidy of a woman and is now stuck in the game or new world according the local gods What follows are her first steps in a new world and her attempts to grow powerful.The story is entertaining and most of the time I like the characters At some times the MC s conclusions are a bit simple, but make sense for her survival and mental health For example the evidence that it is a true world and AI gone haywire is flimsy, but treating it as real is definitely best for survival For somebody treating the world as real, treating goblins, kobolds and orcs as mindless evil vermin also feel weird The game mechanics feel a bit odd no good MMORPG would work like this too little choice and a real vague skill system , but fit the story and some parts work well.Still, I dislike two things The rape parts feels a bit too overdone, not the anger vengeance part although I am not a fan , but the cruel executions It is the type of behavior from the hero that makes me uncomfortable especially when she kills people whose only certain crime is crass behavior It is a slippery slope I don t like in protagonists, but others might have less objections with it Secondly, the game messages are repeated too often, especially when they are basically the same with one word different.Still, I like it enough to give part 2 a try so definitely a decent litrpg with some promissing twits and hooks.

  5. Paul McD Paul McD says:

    I really enjoyed this one, I m not usually one for LitRPGs as I find too often they spend far too much time, and words, on XP gains and suchlike, but I thought there was a good balance here between telling a story and system update type things The genderflip aspect was unexpected, but I actually rather like how that got resolved, instead of inordinate amounts of time being spent agonising about it.Really looking forward to the sequel