{epub} Rad American Women A-Z: Rebels, Trailblazers, and Visionaries Who Shaped Our History... and Our Future!Author Kate Schatz – Collateralloan.co

This is not a book This is a guest list for a party of my heroes Thank you for inviting us Lemony Snicket, author of A Series of Unfortunate Events books I feel honored to be included in this book Women need to take radical steps to become feminists, and to be strong to fight for their rights and those of others facing oppression and discrimination The world needs rad women to create a just society Dolores Huerta, Labor Leader, Civil Rights Activist It s almost always with a chuckle that I view a cartoon image of myself But to see cartoon me positioned alphabetically amongst so many of my women heroes and role models well, I just broke down and cried Happy tears I surely hope that this one of a kind collection of radical American women reaches the hands of all children who want to grow up and become amazing women Kate Bornstein, author of My New Gender Workbook Any alphabet book for children where P is for Patti Smith and X is for the women whose names we don t know is something I can recommend, especially when the book is as well written, representationally diverse and vividly illustrated as this one Francesca Lia Block, author of Dangerous Angels The Weetzie Bat Books I was totally in rapture reading this book Bold women, bold colors, and fierce black paper cutouts I cheer these histories of women who fight not for war or country or corporation, but for EVERYONE I can t wait for my son to read this Nikki McClure, Illustrator of All in a Day I needof these books, one to read to all the kids in my life and one to rip the illustrations out of so I can frame them This MUST HAVE super fun read fills in the missing pieces in so many kids and grown ups educations Couldn t recommend it enough Kathleen Hanna, singer, Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and The Julie Ruin ie Rui Like all A Z books, this one illustrates the alphabet but instead of A is for Apple, A is for Angela as in Angela Davis, the iconic political activist B is for Billie Jean King, who shattered the glass ceiling of sports C is for Carol Burnett, who defied assumptions about women in comedy D is for Dolores Huerta, who organized farmworkers and E is for Ella Baker, who mentored Dr Martin Luther King and helped shape the Civil Rights Movement And the list of great women continues, spanning several centuries, multiple professions, anddiverse individuals There are artists and abolitionists, scientists and suffragettes, rock stars and rabble rousers, and agents of change of all kinds The book includes an introduction that discusses what it means to be rad and radical, an afterword withsuggestions for how you can be rad, and a Resource Guide with ideas for further learning and reading American history was made by countless rad and often radical women By offering a fresh and diverse array of female role models, we can remind readers that there are many places to find inspiration, and that being smart and strong and brave is rad Rad American Women will be appreciated by various age groups It is Common Core aligned for students grades Pre school and young children will be captured by the bright visuals and easily modified texts, while the subject matter will stimulate and inspire high schoolers and beyondKate Schatz is a writer, editor, and educator Her book of fiction, Rid of Me A Story, was published inon Continuum Press as part of the acclaimedseries Her writing has been published in Oxford American, Denver Quarterly, Joyland, and West Branch, among others, and her short story Folsom, Survivor was included as aNotable Short Story in Best American Short StoriesShe is a co founder and editor of The Encyclopedia Project She is the Chair of the School of Literary Arts at Oakland School for the Arts, where she teaches fiction, poetry, and journalism to th th graders She received her MFA in Fiction from Brown University, and a double BA in Women s Studies Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz She lives with her family on the island of Alameda Miriam Klein Stahl is a Bay Area artist, educator and activist In addition to her work in printmaking, drawing, sculpture, paper cut and public art, she is also the co founder of the Arts and Humanities Academy at Berkeley High School where she s taught sinceAs an artist, she follows in a tradition of making socially relevant work, creating portraits of political activists, misfits, radicals and radical movements As an educator, she has dedicated her teaching practice to address social inequity through the lens of the arts Her work has been widely exhibited and reproduced internationally She lives in Berkeley, California with her wife, artist Lena Wolff, daughter Hazel, and their dog Lenny