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An Affectionate Collection Of Variations Continuations Of Jane Austens Classic NovelA PEMBERLEY HAUNTING A PRIDE AND PREJUDICE VARIATIONWhen Mr Darcy Invites The Entire Bennet Family To Pemberley, Nobody Is Surprised Than Elizabeth And With Good Reason Considering Their Recent ConversationsHowever, It Is Georgianas Birthday Soon And She Wants Very Much For Lizzy And Her Sisters To Celebrate With Her She Is Very Persuasive And Darcy Relents, Even To The Point Of Inviting Mr And Mrs CollinsBut Why Does He Invite Charles Bingley Even Though Georgiana Did Not Mention Him At Pemberley, Darcy Reveals An Ancient Legend And Tells Them The Tragic Story Of The White Lady Of PemberleyThe Following Evening, Mr Collins Is Sure He Has Seen The Phantom Two Other Guests Also Claim They Have Seen The GhostWhy Does Lizzy Not Believe Them And The Night After The Splendid Birthday Celebrations What Does She See Outside The Library Is It The White Lady Of Pemberley And Why Does The Figure Beckon To Her Is She Trying To Give Lizzy Some Kind Of Warning HALLOWEEN AT PEMBERLEY A PRIDE AND PREJUDICE VARIATIONFollowing His Rejected Proposal, Mr Darcy Meets Elizabeth Bennet While Walking On The Heath One Day In October Their Conversation Is Awkward And When They Discuss Halloween, Darcy Mocks Lizzys Family For Their Simple Enjoyment Of A Festival In Which He Has Never IndulgedShe Goads Him Into Holding A Halloween Celebration At Pemberley He Invites Her Family As Well As Mr Bingley And Mr WickhamThe Festivities At Pemberley Last For Two Days And Involve Many Traditional Activities And Even Darcy Ends Up Enjoying The CelebrationsOn The Last Evening There Is An Intimate Ball During Which Darcy Attempts To Humiliate Mr WickhamAnd Even Though His Attempt Backfires, Why Does It Lead To Him Making Revelations To Lizzy About Wickham And Himself And Why Does Mr Collins Run From The Pemberley Chapel When He Is Delivering His Sermon To His Wife DARCY AND LIZZYS CORNISH ADVENTURE A PRIDE AND PREJUDICE CONTINUATIONNow Married, Darcy And Lizzy Decide To Take A Holiday To Cornwall On A Whim They Resolve To Be Adventurous And Make No Forward Reservations If They See And Inn Or Tavern They Like Then They Will Stay ThereThe Holiday Takes Them From Bodmin Moor To Lands End And Back Up The North Coast To Fishing Villages And Mystical RuinsIn One Of The Villages A Surprise Encounter Awaits Them Who Meets Them There When There Is No Place At The Inn And Why Does He Resent His Work In The Tin Mine Who Are The Five Sisters And Who Follows Them By Coach Around Cornwall A PEMBERLEY CHRISTMAS A PRDE AND PREJUDICE CONTINUATIONFor Their First Christmas As Man And Wife, Darcy And Lizzy Decide To Invite Her Family To Join Them At Pemberley For The Festive Celebrations Lizzy Is Delighted That She Will Spend Christmas With Her Four Sisters And, Of Course Their Husbands Except OneAs Kitty Recounts An Old Derbyshire Tale Of Chivalry And Honour At Dinner, There Is A Loud Knock At The Door Who Is The Spectre At The Feast And How Does Darcy React When He Sees Him And Who Arrives At Midnight Somewhat The Worse For Wear And Why Is He Unable To Deliver His Parable Concerning The True Meaning Of Christmas