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The PowerFocus Guide to Natural Brian Enhancement is the first book from Ashley Peat, the Owner of The Brainpower Group Ltd A company specialising in Nootropics, Brain Training and Health unlucky Poor concentration or ADD deal with it Fortunately I know this is just NOT TRUE Your brain is a muscle that can be trained You can increase your mental horsepower with a few techniques, regular practise, changing thought patterns and natural supplements How do I know this Since I was a child at school I suffered with memory, concentration and focus problems which I felt affected the quality of my life and eventually my job performance I knew I was capable of achievingthan I was but my short term memory and ability to stay on task consistently caused me trouble Many employers viewed my poor focus as a lack of interest and I would eventually usually get fired I made it my goal to overcome these issues and dedicated years to researching, testing, and learning from the top minds in all of the relevant fields Eventually after lots of researching and testing I have found ways to overcome these hurdles to the point where I now have laser focus and my memory has improved significantly I want to share with you how I achieved thisThe step by step guide to mental amplitude teaches How the food you eat affects your mental performance Self Image and emotion on cognition and memory Attention and Multitasking Learning Styles Speed Reading How to be a memory grand masterI conquered my issues through the secrets and expert advice found in this book, and I am confident you will too The book features tips from Gary Keller, Tim Ferriss, Ed Cooke and many other self improvement gurus