Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise (Hörbuch-Herunterladen): Robert Pool, Anders Ericsson, Geoffrey Beevers, Random House Audiobooks: Audible Audiobooks eBook –

I find the subject fascinating and potentially wide ranging if people take learning seriously at the end of the day, this is not only about expertise, but how do we learn and how can we become better at certain things.Somehow the same message gets repeated over and over, which makes the 2nd half of the book not very exciting to read unless one didn t understand from the 1st half what this is about so called deliberate practice is the gold standard of becoming an expert. Deliberate Practice auf Deutsch so viel wie reflektierte Praxis, bezeichnet effektive Lernprozesse, die zu H chstleistungen bef higen Deliberate Practice wurde bereits vor Jahren durch Autoren wie Malcom Gladwell Outliers The Story of Success oder Geoff Colvin Talent is Overrated What Really Separates World Class Performers from Everybody Else popul r gemacht Die wissenschaftlichen Grundlagen dazu stammen allerdings von Anders Ericsson einem der beiden Autoren dieses Buches Nach Jahren zieht er also mit seinem eigenen Buch nach Ein grosser Wurf Sicherlich auch aufgrund des zweiten Autors, einem Autor wissenschaftlicher B cher, gibt es eine ausgewogene Balance zwischen der n tigen wissenschaftlichen Distanz und Genauigkeit und hohem Unterhaltungswert und gro er Anschaulichkeit Die Beiden beschreiben systematisch die Grundlagen von Deliberate Practice Was sind die Urspr nge des Konzepts, wie grenzt es sich von anderen Lernrozessen ab und wie k nnen seine Prinzipien in unserem Alltag umgesetzt werden Es ist ein Genu , das Buch zu lesen.Urspr nglich f r Lernprozesse gedacht, die zu Hochleistungen bei Sportlern, Musikvirtuosen oder Schachmeistern f hrt, zeigt das Buch doch auch, dass Deliberate Practice uns allen im Alltag Impulse geben kann Also auch wenn Sie sich nicht zu Hochleistungen pushen wollen, ist dieses Buch eigentlich f r jeden interessant Und wenn man danach nur Talent und harte Arbeit richtig einordnen kann. It actually helped me to understand why my German language group courses haven t been producing much results and why I need to go for one on one courses instead. Great book on effective learning Read and apply to anything you want to get better at. Excellent book everyone who seriously want to improve their performance in anything should read this. This is probably the second best book I have ever read in this genre the best is, and probably always will be, Getting Things Done by David Allen.Why did I love it Because I read a LOT of books of this kind self help, psychology, business, etc and while lots of others provide good ideas or insights, this book provides a completely new way of looking at the world That s why it s a game changer for me From the way I am learning to dance to the way I work at my desk, the principles highlighted in this book are relevant and applicable They say there are two tests for a good book 1 Will I remember it in a month and 2 Does it change the way I think about the world This book is a resounding yes. Mozart wasn t born with perfect pitch Most athletes are not born with any natural advantage Three world class chess players were sisters whose success was planned by their parents before they were even born Anders Ericsson has spentyears studying the special ones the geniuses, sports stars and musical prodigies And his remarkable finding, revealed in Peak, is that their special abilities are acquired through training The innate gift of talent is a myth Exceptional individuals are born with just one unique ability, shared by us all the ability to develop our brains and bodies through our own efforts Anders Ericsson s research was the inspiration for the popular , hour rule , but, he tells us, this rule is only the beginning of the story It s not just the hours that are important but how you use them We all have the seeds of excellence within us it s merely a question of how to make them grow With a bit of guidance, you ll be amazed at what the average person can achieve The astonishing stories in Peak prove that potential is what you make it I ve not had much Deliberate Practice writing reviews, but I ll do my bestA fascinating read This book gives a compelling argument against the old adage of natural talent In fact, there is no such thing as natural talent Only deliberate practice leads to outstanding performance Having read the examples and research in this book, I agree with the authors. Having read many of Ericsson s papers I wasn t expect to learn much, but the narrative style and the ways in which he synthesises a career s worth of research sheds new light on practice and expertise. Great book