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Kill Them All Take Their Loot Let The Gods Sort Them OutLook At Your Library Sadly, None Of Those Books Are About Orc Pirates, But If You Bought This Book, One Of Them Could BeNow, Look At This Book Its About A Badass Orc On A Giant Pirate Ship About To Raid The Closest Human Village Whats In His Hand A Big Ass Axe As He Stomps Up The Gangplank To Slaughter All Who Stand In His WayLook Again Now Youre Saving The Princess And Shes Ever So GratefulTrust Me, Anything Is Possible When Youre An Orc Pirate And Not A WeaklingPlease Note This Novel Contains A Harem And Adult Situations You Have Been Warned

5 thoughts on “Orc Pirate: Raiding the Seven Seas (English Edition)

  1. Charles T. Andrews Charles T. Andrews says:

    This was a surprisingly fun book to read I admit I was a little skeptical but quickly found myself getting involved in the story Naturally, one has to suspend reality a good bit but if a person can do that, then they have an entertaining read in their hands I ll definitely pick up 2 when it s available If you re some kind of English major, keep in mind that the words you are critiquing are spoken by an ORCLOLNow where does that put your critique Chill and enjoy the book Oh, it s also got some pretty racy stuff.

  2. Sleep Deprived Reader Sleep Deprived Reader says:

    It s called Orc Pirate, it has an Orc Pirate on the cover, do you really need convincing ok, fine The book is great, the characters are interesting, the worldbuilding is pretty cool, and the story so far is very engaging Can t go wrong with this one if you enjoy reading about orcs or pirates hopefully both.

  3. Global_Nomad Global_Nomad says:

    This is a well written story from a different view point Warning though, don t plan on doing anything else once you start reading this until your finished.I bought this book because I thought a pirate adventure with a orc captain and crew made up of what is usually your standard d d monsters and npcs Turned out to be an awesome buy Unlike some of my recent purchases, this author wrote a entire story without any loose ends, but left plenty of starting points for further adventures of the captain and his crew.

  4. Sean Brislen Sean Brislen says:

    An orcish pirate As the hero What was the author smoking And yet, having read this book, where can I get some The protagonist, the standard tropes about orcs notwithstanding, acts honorably, making you like him His crew, and especially his witch, are fun to watch, and the antagonists, both of the moment and the inevitable big bad of the future, work well Great world building, too.Love it Next one, please

  5. Pete K Pete K says:

    All too often, orcs have the racist stereotype of mindless brutes incapable of anything but violence Orc Pirate shatters that preconception with a well spoken Orc captain that turns to piracy after he is betrayed by his empire Bardak is honorable Orc but circumstances force his hand Along with some sexy witches and a siren, he seeks justice for his crew.