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This book has some terrific sketchings of the old Pennsylvania Station A truly wise purchase for all lovers of the world past. Beautifully written Lovely My son loves anything train related The pictures were beautiful. Kids love the book Beautiful drawings and well written. This is a beautifully illustrated book about Old Penn Station for kids and adults alike It is well written and beautifully illustrated Highly recommended. Every time I take this book into my hands I get sad and angry that Penn Station was demolished.William Low and his unique and than beautiful illustrations reveal the beauty of architecture. This book is so pretty that it makes you feel as if you were in this iconic building.Our kids may need to think twice before tearing down. colorful graphics,no substance was expectng a factual presentation, with at least period photo graphs.this book belongs in the childrens section along with thomas the train, was decent though,will better preview any future books by this author.nothing against the writer,if it worked for him..On time and in condition as stated I literally drank in the artwork on every page Phenomenal drawings of Old Penn Station This book was a treasure. A beautiful tribute to the glory of the original Pennsylvania Railroad Station During the first half of the th century, the original Pennsylvania Station was one of New York City s grandest landmarks, a palace in the middle of Manhattan William Low s glorious illustrations pay close attention to detail while still encompassing the large scale grandeur of Penn Station Old Penn Station follows a very specific piece of New York City history, but it s not just a New York book The author s research carefully addresses the whole history of the building, from construction to destruction, ending with an acknowledgment of its lasting legacy in terms of historical preservation Spaces can be powerful, and Old Penn Station honors one particular powerful space which is sure to engender discussion about other historical buildings and monuments all across the nation This is a classic, beautiful book for history lovers, train lovers, and art lovers alike Old Penn Station is aNew York Times Book Review Best Illustrated Book of the Year and aBank Street Best Children s Book of the Year