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This is a fast paced adventure story, with plenty of humour, which uses elements from Norse myth and legend in a creative way School Library AssociationRobert J Harris was born in Dundee and now lives in St Andrews with his wife, sons, and his dog He is the author of many children s books, including The Day the World Went Loki, and Thor Is Locked In My Garage in the Kelpies imprint, and he is the creator of popular fantasy board game Talisman.

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    Third in the seriesThe trickster of Norse mythology has it in for the small Scottish town of St Andrews again What happened to the road out of town Who is the dude with the eye patch, and Dave the Lobster Expect great ideas and scary monsters at every turn, madly logical and with a light touch on the humour control Great romp in the same world as the author s The Day the World Went Loki and Thor is Locked in my Garage Go on, satisfy your curiosity, read em all They are well worth it.