Free Pdf No Problem!: An Easy Guide to Getting What You Want By Ken Watanabe –

A young person s adaptation of the author s best selling Problem Solvingoutlines motivational strategies for goal setting and constructive thinking while sharing the stories of successful adolescents who achieved their ambitions Simultaneous

2 thoughts on “No Problem!: An Easy Guide to Getting What You Want

  1. Eric G Eric G says:

    This is a great book on problem solving It is straight forward and practical, the book highlights 3 different stories about children solving problems Some elementary critical thinking tools are introduced as well as some very consultancy related concepts such as MECE mutually exclusive collectively exhaustive.The 4 step method presented is aligned largely with other methods for problem solving Understand the current situation identify root cause develop and effective action plan execute until the problem is solvedHowever, the book is essentially a repackaging of Ken Wantanabe s other english book Problem Solving 101.

  2. French French says:

    Love this book Why keep good frameworks from kids until they are adults There is so much to learn from the business world i like that this book brought a piece of it to kids.