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Fans Of THE BOOK OF LOST THINGS And NOCTURNES Will Be Delighted With This Superbly Crafted Collection With Two Award Winning Stories Of The Supernatural From John ConnollyA Decade After NOCTURNES First Terrified And Delighted Readers, John Connolly, Bestselling Author Of Thirteen Acclaimed Thrillers Featuring Private Investigator Charlie Parker, Gives Us A Second Volume Of Tales Of The Supernatural From Stories Of The Monstrous For Dark Winter Nights To Fables Of Fantastic Libraries And Haunted Books, From A Tender Narrative Of Love After Death To A Frank, Personal And Revealing Account Of The Author S Affection For Myths Of Ghosts And Demons, This Is A Collection That Will Surprise, Delight And TerrifyGHT MUSIC Also Contains Two Novellas The Multi Award Winning THE CAXTON PRIVATE LENDING LIBRARY BOOK DEPOSITORY, And THE FRACTURED ATLAS, Featuring The Wanderer In Unknown Realms, Previously Published As An Ebook, Developed Here Into A Five Part NovellaGHT MUSIC NOCTURNES Is A Masterly Collection To Be Read With The Lights On Menace Has Never Been So Seductive

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  1. Josh Mauthe Josh Mauthe says:

    If you ve ever heard me talk about books before, chances are I ve brought up and or tried to make you read something by John Connolly I ve been banging the drum for Connolly since reading his debut novel, Every Dead Thing, and my love and admiration for his writing has only grown over the years His Charlie Parker series is one of the best thriller series going today, blending horror and crime together into something that manages to be terrifying, exciting, and profound all at the same time The Samuel Johnson trilogy is an absolute joy, delivering a hilarious tale about the gates of Hell and quantum physics that any adult would love and yet still feels perfect for its young audience And now there s Night Music, Connolly s second collection of short fiction, and further testament to his astonishing writing, range, and talent Trying to narrow down Night Music to a single genre is an exercise in futility, but that s half of the joy If you want horror, it s undeniably on display On The Anatomization of an Unknown Man 1637 by Frans Mier ranks as one of my all time favorite short stories, slowly peeling back layers of reality until you realize just what a nightmarish story you re really in And Connolly s earlier Kindle single, the terrifying The Wanderer in Unknown Realms, becomes part of a five story cycle that all combine to create a sense that there s a world beyond us at all times and it s not a pleasant one So, yes, there s horror But there s also stories where the supernatural is just a starting point for something subtle, and even beautiful, as in the 300 word A Dream of Winter or the melancholy A Haunting Meanwhile, bibliophiles will adore the quietly whimsical The Caxton Private Lending Library and Book Depository, which finds a man investigating what appears to be the suicide of a character from a famous Russian tragedy And the follow up to that story, Holmes on the Range, shows off Connolly s gift for comedy, diving into the world of Arthur Conan Doyle s most famous creation with affectionate ribbing And the whole collection culminates in the personal essay I Live Here, wherein Connolly discusses his inspirations both literary and cinematic, all in his wonderful digressive style, before tying it all together with a strange final anecdote All in all, it s a flawless collection from one of the best and most underrated craftsmen working today It s a reminder that genre fiction doesn t automatically mean bad writing, no matter what snobs will tell you, and that sometimes the joy comes from realizing that genre boundaries are all the interesting when they re broken and disregarded In short, I loved this collection I can t recommend it enough, and my only regret is that I m out of Connolly to read until his next book arrives.

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    I m so disappointed I absolutely loved Nocturnes, so when I found out there was a sequel I bought it immediately This is, unfortunately, a pale shadow of the first It started out very promising, and the first two stories haunting and engaging Most of the rest went downhill There is a very long section of the book that is a series of stories that are supposed to connect, and focus on a book that brings about the end of the world, but it really doesn t work for me I thought it was too ambitious and I wasn t interested Quite strangely in the middle of the book there is a story that seems to be very anti abortion, and I seriously do not think this book of short stories is a place to get political Perhaps most disappointing was the final story, which wasn t a story at all but a very long story 35 minutes long, according to my kindle about the author s reading history, comments on the horror genre, and musings on his childhood I have absolutely no idea why this was included as a chapter I suppose I should give it less stars, considering my disappointment, but I so loved the first Oddly my favorite stories were about a library in which popular fiction characters come to life, which were the only two non horror stories They didn t seem to fit with the theme in the slightest, but I found them the most engaging.I suppose I ll still say it s worth a read But if you haven t read the first, please go and buy it.

  3. Norman Baron Norman Baron says:

    John Connolly has always been one of my favorited writers His characters are rough around the edges but well formed and believable Even thought there is no shortage of violence his books are by no means splatter punk stories The writing is at times lyrical and at others poetic His protagonist, Charley Parker, seems to be always searching for redemption The end result is, instead of redemption, there are bodies lying around than the last act of Hamlet I have read most of his books but Nocturnes II is special Via his short stories and particularly where he talks about his writing we get deeper insight into the author who created characters like Angel and Louis John Connolly land is a special place where the supernatural and the natural worlds blend in a seamless manner What I don t understand is why on earth Mr Connolly chose to set his stories in an ass freezing place like Maine Let Steven King have that iceberg Mr Connolly should come to the Southern California and Arizona where things are weirder and stranger than most of the USA, plus the weather is much pleasant, at least in the winter.

  4. PJ Arts PJ Arts says:

    John Connolly is my favorite writerperiod From his famous Charlie Parker detective series, to his Samuel Johnson YA books, stand alone novels and short story collections, he is unmatched for combining crystalline narrative with the melodic poetry of an Irish shanachie Night Music , like the first Nocturnes volume of stories runs the gamut from the whimsical to the suspenseful to the purely terrifying.What they each have in common is the writer s commitment to his reader s satisfaction in having heard a tale well told.If you have already visited Mr Connolly s other worlds, then you need no further urging If you are new to Mr Connolly s work, I envy you that first experience.

  5. Beau Dodd Beau Dodd says:

    Not as good as Nocturnes Volume 1 but just about anything Mr Connolly writes is at the very least good I have always said that, one cannot turn a turd into a beautiful swan, one can only turn a turd into a turd swanunless you re John Connolly With that being said again , this book is FAR from a turd, but it s also not one of his best works Still a great read though especially the Fractured Atlas and the story about the bootleggers in Maine Enjoy