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This book contains hundreds of English exercises all divided intoMinute English Workouts there s one Workout for every week of the school year Each features a warm up question, followed by a selection of spelling, punctuation and grammar questions, finished off with a reading or writing exercise They re perfect for keeping track of how pupils are progressing week by week Answers to each Workout are included in a cut out section at the back of the book, and we ve even included a handy progress chart, where you can record pupil s marks and make notes

8 thoughts on “New KS2 English 10-Minute Weekly Workouts - Year 4 (CGP KS2 English)

  1. Mrs Shopoholic Mrs Shopoholic says:

    This book is being used at my daughters school as homework I hadn t known when i initially purchased it It has been very helpful though.

  2. michelle michelle says:

    These books have been a life saver to me and my kids who are in yr3 yr4 during lockdown They include the English curriculum relevant to their years in bitesize workouts which are 2 x a4 pages of relevant questions comprehension exercises for each workout I would definately recommend for busy mums who want to make sure their children keep their brains ticking and keep up to scratch with their basic English skills.

  3. Miss K. ⭐️ Miss K. ⭐️ says:

    Perfect 10 minute activity Answers at the back I give my children a random 10 minute activity for recall then they can mark themselves Set out like past paper questions.

  4. Mrs F Marques Mrs F Marques says:

    Fantastic Being broken down into 10 minutiae bite size workouts makes an otherwise overwhelming book manageable for children who are a little less than keen A great starting point for us.

  5. Mumof2 Mumof2 says:

    The book is good but there is not an introduction to the topic that the child is going to be tested on, nor an explanation For this reason I mark it 4 rather than 5 stars as I would have liked to see a grammar definition before the actual activity.

  6. Na Xu Na Xu says:

    Very pleased with the item, many thanks

  7. AlinaB AlinaB says:

    Great books It s perfect for weekly homework I like that the answer booklet detatches, and answers also come with excellent explanations A great way to get kids to practice without overwhelming them.

  8. Mandy Mandy says:

    Great exercise book,I buy them every year