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Unlike one of the other CGP series aimed at the GL test, the title of this book makes it clear that the content is for the GL version of the 11 exam If your child will be doing CEM, or some other variant of the exam, you would be advised to use a different series of books.The book is well presented The first part has five sections grouped by topic grammar, punctuation, spelling, writers techniques and writing each of which is split into appropriate sub sections It does not recommend timing these, as the point is to identify strengths and weaknesses before moving on to the complete assessments The second part consists of 6 assessment tests, each harder than the last if you want to time these, the suggestion is 40 minutes for each.The explanations are worded as simply as possible, though you may need to help your child understand them.It s always useful for parents if, as here, the correct answers and explanations are detachable from the main booklet The explanations should be adequate for your child to learn from their mistakes, though obviously it will help if you have enough understanding of the topics in case your child doesn t fully follow any of the explanations given.As with most of these books, you are given a code to access an on line version I hadn t accessed one of these before, but a brief check confirms it all works The issue for me, being old school, is that the paper version is actually easier and efficient to read There is also the practical point that a child can cheat by looking at the answers, as you can t remove the answer pages from a locked down file Really good book and lists lots of important info at the back re grammar punctuation and so forth to easy to refer and reinforce facts These books are the main books you need if you re going to study for the 11 These books are the ones recommended by many of the tutors and are widely used in Buckinghamshire for the 11 to study at home These books come in various sets and this is part of the set you would use at the beginning of the year This assumes you study for one year prior to the exam which is usual and very doable My eldest did exactly this so started on this set of books which is for age range 9 to 10 in term one and moved to the next set age 10 to 11 towards the end of the second term On top of these books there are also practice papers and 10 minute tests You can study just using this set of books and not purchasing any For the full set, you need a book which covers each exam paper so you would need to buy the English as well as The maths and non verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning You don t necessarily need to buy the age 9 to 10 and you could skip straight to the 10 to 11 version if you find your child is fairly bright and ahead of the curve But it s a nice idea to start with the 9 to 10 as it builds their confidence and lets you see where their knowledge gaps are I m using these for my next child and always recommend them. I have said before how impressed I am with CGP s approach to 11 preparation I like the gradual build up year on year books released for different age groups with this one being for age 9 to 10 which means that you can slowly help your child to prepare for the 11 without it being a last minute cram in Year 5 6 They get used to exam question format and build up to the required content knowledge slowly alongside their usual school curriculum.If you are using this for 11 prep and not as a general study guide for English at this age do take note that this is for the GL assessment check which one is used in the school s that you are targeting as there are different CGP books available.This book follows CPGs usual diet of sections of learning before 6 timed assessment tests at the end which get progressively harder, again, a good approach in confidence building with the easier earlier tests The sections include Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Writers Techniques, Writing. These are really excellent books Its really helped to augment what my kid s are taught in school and I really like that they have the answers plus explanation of the answers. This Practice Book is an excellent resource for helping children work towards theEnglish test and other selective entrance exams It s full of questions set at a level that s typically suitable for ages The first section of the book focuses on one topic at a time to help children gain understanding and confidence This is followed by six Assessment Tests to improve their speed and accuracy across a wide range of questions And if they get stuck or go wrong, the detailed pull out answers make it easy to understand the reasoning behind the questions Multiple choice answer sheets for the Assessment Tests are available to download from from the CGP website This book is ideal for thetests set by GL Assessment and other test providers, and provides excellent practice for the Kent Test What s , a free Online Edition of the whole book is included just use the unique access code printed inside the cover to access it on a PC, Mac or tablet