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This brilliant book is perfect for pupils looking for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar practice ready for 11 It contains thirty quick fire tests, all focused on the SPaG skills pupils will need to do well at 11 Throughout the book there are fun puzzle pages as a break fromserious 11 practice We ve also included detailed answers in a pull out section, plus a helpful chart to track pupils progress This book is ideal for the 11 tests set by GL Assessment and other test providers, and offers excellent practice for the Kent Test This book also comes with a free Online Edition just use the unique access code printed inside the cover to access it on a PC, Mac or tablet

8 thoughts on “New 11 GL 10-Minute Tests: English Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar - Ages 10-11 (with Online Ed) (CGP 11 GL)

  1. gaeilicgal gaeilicgal says:

    Being the long suffering eldest of over 60 cousins and niece of numerous computer novice aunts and uncles I have become the practice test and practice book procurer for the family These books are the ones all my cousins have been doing and so far we have had 6 As and 1 B so they must be doing something right.The books are pretty standard multiple choice practice tests with answer sheets A good job all round.

  2. Esbee Esbee says:

    These books are a great help in prep for the 11 Coupled with the main books addressing each exam non verbal, verbal, maths and english these 10 minute tests are great to use to practice There are practice papers which I do also recommend you use, but these are often only effective to do in one sitting so you can time them and therefore they can take 45 mins like the real test and that can be a little too much for many children.I really rate these books as they are clear, have good answer booklets and have proven results my eldest used these and passed last year, my next child is about to start using these now in prep One year is plenty of time 6 months is probably doable for many children, but it s easier to spread it out over a year You d be best to buy the 4 books covering each exam at the 10 11 age range, plus some practice papers for each and the 10 min test books if you work through these each week, your child will be well prepared and ready to sit the exam with some confidence.

  3. Wilde's Cabbage Wilde's Cabbage says:

    CGP are particularly good for prep work for a coming test or exam, they have been around for so long that even I used them as a child They re trusted by many private schools and grammar schools alike.A dear one will soon be sitting his ISEB Pre test at the start of the next school year This individually bought set, comprising of verbal, non verbal, maths and English broken into individual books partaining to a specific subtopic is perfect for a quick 10 minute brush up on things that they may have been forgotten.No real prep is needed for ISEB Pre tests, but its good to revise through what one feels they need to brush up on.Whats great about the CGP 10 Minute Books is that there s fun and rewarding puzzles to do once one completes the tests.Theres also a pull out answer booklet so that the little ones are not tempted The booklet itself, is well put together a book in its own right.

  4. antom antom says:

    We have a few CGP books and have always been pleased with them Our children are happy to work through them, and, as parents, we find it really helpful to know what is covered in the curriculum.This book provides ten minute tests, and additional pages of puzzles, giving the child a break from the tests, but still allowing them to practise the necessary skills At the back of the book is a detachable book with answers and clear explanations.The questons are based on text covering an interesting range of authors and topics.The quality of the paper and printing is good The layout is clear, even though quite a lot of questions are squeezed onto each page.The book also includes a code for accessing an on line version of the book You will need to register with CGP to access the on line version, and it cannot be downloaded however, I found the interface for the on line book simple to use and rendering was clear and easy to adjust.

  5. P. Barclay P. Barclay says:

    These 10 minute test books by CGP are a storming idea as children only need to concentrate for small periods of time at any one time These can therefore be completed after school as an additional activity without much loss of focus, tedium or boredom.This new range of 10 minute test books are produced in a compact form and the books are smaller than A4 size There is an online code on the flyleaf which can only be used once to access this edition on a PC, Mac or tablet.GL are used in around half the selective secondary schools and local authorities in England and N Ireland.There are 30 tests in total that are useful to get the brain buzzing and in gear This particular book is designed to test the pupil on English skills including spelling, punctuation and grammar In addition to the tests, there is a pull out, explanatory answer booklet for parents at the back.

  6. Bob Sherunkle Bob Sherunkle says:

    This book contains 30 10 minute tests, each one covering one of the three topic areas spelling, punctuation and grammar The answers are given in a detachable booklet, and the amount of explanation for each varies according to need These explanations will help you and your child to identify areas for improvement the terms used in the explanations, e.g modal verbs, will point to the topics needing consolidation.As in other CGP series, the tests are interspersed with some fun but relevant puzzle sections.Your child should be well on the way if with help from you they can work through this book successfully.

  7. Chipper Chipper says:

    This is a really good book to help kids practice their Stage 3 Maths Catch up in the sense of improving and going over previously learned maths Most of my family are rubbish at maths and even the younger family members struggle we are into the arts These books are perfect for working through tricky areas Well designed and laid out The graphics are good and clear Helps build number skills Plenty of room to give answers Thirty six separate exercises Answers at the back This is workbook one of five Great for practice and refining skills Easy to follow.

  8. Sarah Durston Sarah Durston says:

    I love these books the fact that they have 10 minutes written all over the front mean it s easier to persuade reluctant kids to do a bit of extra work.This book gives a really thorough workout of spelling, punctuation and grammar by having a number of tests dedicated to each specific skill There are also some puzzles included which assist learners in applying the skills.A great little resource.