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From New York Times Bestselling Author, Jay Kristoff, Comes A Dangerous New Fantasy World And A Heroine Edged In DarknessWINNER OF THE THE AUREALIS AWARD FOR BEST FANTASY NOVELMia Corvere Is Only Ten Years Old When She Is Given Her First Lesson In DeathDestined To Destroy Empires, The Child Raised In Shadows Made A Promise On The Day She Lost Everything To Avenge Herself On Those That Shattered Her WorldBut The Chance To Strike Against Such Powerful Enemies Will Be Fleeting, And Mia Must Become A Weapon Without Equal Before She Seeks Vengeance, She Must Seek Training Among The Infamous Assassins Of The Red Church Of ItreyaInside The Church S Halls, Mia Must Prove Herself Against The Deadliest Of Opponents And Survive The Tutelage Of Murderers, Liars And Daemons At The Heart Of A Murder CultThe Church Is No Ordinary School But Mia Is No Ordinary StudentThe Red Church Is No Ordinary School, But Mia Is No Ordinary StudentThe Shadows Love HerAnd They Drink Her Fear

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  1. clarylovesbooks clarylovesbooks says:

    Fantastico Il worldbuilding eccezionale, curato nei minimi dettagli Il libro molto fitto di descrizioni, e ci sono anche moltissime note a pi pagina, per questo ci voluto un po perch entrassi nel pieno della storia Ho divorato la seconda parte Il libro dark, violento, esplicito, pieno di azione e di scene inaspettate I personaggi mi sono piaciuti molto, specialmente Mia e Tric Andr sicuramente avanti con il resto della trilogia

  2. noname noname says:

    Let me tell you about the masterpiece that this novel is, gentle friends.If I could give it than 5 stars I would.This book was PERFECT.It has all the ingredients to make an EPIC read and they are all perfectly balanced.The world building is great, not too infodumping but clear enough that you can visualize it actually when Ifirst read about the city of Godsgrave I thought it reminded me of Venice where I was born, raised and still live in and after I was already at 20% into the novel I saw Jay Kristoff s review and he actually posted a gif of Venice when he was talking about the setting Similar things could be said for the characters descriptions all of them where well rounded and had a clear, distinct personality that made it really easy to remember them all Looks wise they were described just as I like it each one with some peculiarity that made them unique and a general glance of the overall appearence but not too much so you could still made your own picture if each one of them.Talking about characters MIA.MIA WAS EVERTYTHING Strong, smart and fierce yet flawed, with her own demons and weaknesses She s an assassin, with a shadowcat and some magical powers yet she was incredibly relatable to me.I don t wanna say about her coz it wouldn t make her justice, just know she is one of the best characters I ve read.I loved the story, the writing, the pacing, the alternance of flashback and persent time was well done and well distribuited so that it did not interfere with the main plot but provided all the infos.It was filled with action, thoughts, mystery, beauty and gore, each one in the perfect amount.It all felt so REAL and AUTHENTIC, not like some over edited novels that go for the politically correct path, Oh no, not at all The author doesn t pull back, he isn t scared to tell it how it is and I adored this This book, and pretty sure the rest of the series too, has ust become a new super favourite of mine.

  3. Silvia Silvia says:

    This is one of the best reads of the year for me The only reason why I can t say it s THE best is because I ve read some seriously amazing books this year and I just can t pick one BUT it definitely is the most atypical one.I should point out this is not a YA fantasy Keep that in mind if you re a younger reader There is blood and gore and sex.The narrator is ALIVE in this novel He s snarky and sarcastic and you can t not love him There are footnotes that complete the world building and while some of them are a bit long and can interrupt your reading flow, I found I didn t really want to skip reading them, because they always reward you with some snarky comment or innuendo.The narrator plays with the way fantasy is perceived and doesn t shy away from gory details.The actual characters are absolutely AMAZING and all of the things you might expect from a fantasy novel are actually there but at the same time they re completely turned inside out and you re left your jaw dropped on the floor.I can t recommend this book enough if you re a fan of fantasy I m telling you Jay Kristoff is a genius

  4. Cliente Cliente says:

    Well what there is to say that hasn t been said already Actually quite a bit I feel like this book has got bad review uniquely for the writing style and it was not given a chance I all honesty the writing style is what grabbed my attention from page one, but I ll explain that better later on.Let me premise this book for you a girl seeks revenge for her family by joining an organization di assassins known as the Red Church, but she can become a fully fledged assassin only after she passes some test During her stay at the Assassins alcove bodies killed in mysterious circumstances start to pop up and Mia, our beloved protagonist, has to figure out what s going on Oh and she has a shadow cat as a pet Mic drop It s basically assassins creed and red rising mixed together in a weird concoction of awesomeness and gore And the best part is that the narrator is completely honest with us riders, from the get go Jay Kristof tells how it is, especially the grey details.The writing style is what hooked me from page one It s very particular and rich of similes and metaphors, the descriptions are long and paint perfectly the scene in your mind And I understand that s not for everyone, it reminded me of I ll give you the sun by Jendy Nelson A lot of review that gave this book one star on goodreads were wrote by people that didn t enjoy there writing style or they didn t give it a chance Personally I ve never read something like this before, something that sets the tone for the story from the opening line, okay no maybe Rick Riordan is also a master in that department It really takes some time to adjust to it, but I think the book would n be the same with other style of storytelling The way the narrator accompanies us through the pages and never leaves us.Another thing that I really like were the footnotes as a way to fill in the gaps left in the narration It could be something that s addressing a cultural background, or a simple joke I think it was a very clever idea that came up in the editing process Maybe he came up with some ideas and didn t want to rewrite the whole thing, and it almost feel like reading a history book, but you know, fun to read It also reminds me of the notes in The Illuminae Files.The characters in my opinion were sketched put well enough for the first book in a saga, there was a missed opportunity with one of them There was the chance to discover about our protagonist abilities but it never became the main problem, I mean she tried to look for a book but if you ask me that s not a very extensive research.I really liked Mia as a character, especially her sense of humor I was a bit skeptical going into this knowing an adult man chose a sixteen ear old girl as a protagonist but I was very pleased with her, and there are very few female characters from epic fantasy sagas.He wrote her not perfect, a smoker, resentful but not consumed by revenge, smart, insightful, sarcastic oh I could go on and on because she s actually a character that I love And there is a scene in the last chapter of the book that made me tear up like crazy.Plotwise I think it s a great set up for a trilogy There s the personal quest fro revenge of the protagonist and her research for knowledge on her abilities I hope that in the end it will resolve in something meaningful than a classic showdown between the bad guy and our hero, even thou she s an assassin I really think the plot could go in a lot of direction from here and I cannot wait for the second book.I m very interested in his other works now, I ve only read the illuminae_files so far but I ll definitely check out his other books.