[LIBRI] ⚡ Necromantica (The Vecris Book 1) (English Edition) ✯ Keith Blenman – Collateralloan.co

Loved this book so much I bought extra copies to share. Storm The Castle Raise The Dead Bring The World To Its KneesBest Date Night EVERIn This Heart Stopping, Dark Fantasy, Two Thieves Charge Through An Epic Battle Between Monsters And Men One, A Necromancer, A Sorceress Who Uses Black Magic To Manipulate The Dead The Other, A Rogue Assassin And Skilled Swordsman Enemies To Both Armies, Allied Only To Each Other, They Face Doom At Every Moment On A Suicide Mission To Steal From A Holy King Beautifully written love story filled with action packed scenes and exciting characters, the kind that stay with you long after the last page I m so looking for part 2. This is a beautifully written book, that weaves through a vivid, yet dark fantasy world From the Ash forest, to a rotting jail cell, straight to a kingdom being decimated by war, and the king solely trying to protect his castle, the prose is extremely poetic and descriptive Sort of Tolkien meets Walt Whitman in my opinion I loved how the story evolved, but split up the timeline Overall a great read. All of Keith Blenman s creations are addicting, well thought out, and present you with the most fantastic imagery This book incredible It consumed me and I struggled to put it down I loved being transported into this adventurous world and am excitedly awaiting for the next book to come out.