Prime MYTHS AND LEGENDS OF THE SIOUX - 38 Sioux Children's Stories: 38 Native American children's Stories from the Sioux (English Edition)Author Anon E Mouse –

Herein you will findSioux folk and fairy tales for children Each story has a moral to teach a life lesson to children Here you will find stories like The Forgotten Ear Of Corn, The Little Mice, The Pet Rabbit, The Story Of The Lost Wife, The Faithful Lovers, The Brave Who Went On The Warpath Alone And Won The Name Of The Lone Warrior, The Legend of Standing Rock and many, manyThestories contained in this little volume were told to the compiler by the older men and women of the Sioux a long, long time ago Careful notes were made, knowing that, if not recorded correctly, these folk tales would be lost to posterity by the passing of another generation , In the late th and early th centuries, the American Indian race was at a most interesting stage of development Its ancient culture was fast being pushed aside and receding into the mists of the pastThe compiler of the stories was, herself, one quarter Sioux and through her birth acquired a thorough knowledge of the Sioux language Her maternal grandfather, a Scotsman by birth, who inarrived in the British Northwest to found what was known as the Selkirk Colony, near Lake Winnipeg Her grandmother, Ha za ho ta win, was a full blood of the Medawakanton Band of the Sioux Tribe of Indians Her father, Joseph Buisson, was born near Montreal, CanadaShe married Major James McLaughlin who became the Indian agent at the Devils Lake Agency, North Dakota Later they were transferred to Standing Rock, on the Missouri River, to take charge of the Sioux who had then but recently surrendered to the military authorities Having lived on Indian reservations over forty years she, therefore, had exceptional opportunities of learning the legends and folk lore of the SiouxSo sit back and enjoy these stories from yesteryear from a time when the virgin West was being shaped into becoming something else altogether% of the net profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities