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Would you like to rise above the crowd and become exceptionally good at whatever you do Everything in life is a result of a thought Someone had to think about a chair before he was able to invent it Someone had to think about a book before he could write it and someone had to think of a smartphone to produce it in reality But who are those people who think in such a brilliant way, that their thoughts lead them to wealth, success, and happiness In this outstanding book, you will discover the secret of every successful man who ever walked on earth mental models Mental models are simply the way in which you turn what happens inside your head to the outside world Ideas, beliefs, and imagination are all playing part in creating your reality, and with the right models you can easily become the best version of yourself your ideasIn Mental Models, you will Learn how decision making works, and how to trick your mind into making better decisionsDiscover how to control thought chainsBecome highly motivated to do anything you d like toGet the exact models that the most successful people use to succeed in lifeAnd much, much FAQWhat are mental models Mental models are Ideas, Beliefs, verbal portrayals, and pictures that we deliberately or unknowingly structure from our encounters and which when framed control our contemplations and activities inside thin channels These portrayals of saw reality disclose the cause and impact to us and lead us to anticipate specific outcomes, offer significance to occasions, and incline us to act in particular waysDon t miss out the perfect mental models for your success scroll up, click on Buy Now withClick, and get your copy

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    The language was not very clear and minor grammatical mistakes Overall it couldn t keep me glued beyond a few pages.