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With chapters that separately cover their own pieces of the “complex puzzle” which is happiness, Paul Van Der Merwe offers a storybook on happiness that might equally be read by random dipping as by sequential reading—rather like happiness itself Parable or fable, these tales read smoothly and “happily” while teaching wise lessons through humor and animal interest I read them sequentially, laughed out loud on occasion, and thoroughly enjoyed those stings in ratlike tails—Lucky being a rat (and a math teacher, no less!) in a Bushveld world of lions, elephants and .Based on a theory that all our actions are aimed at increasing happiness, Lucky is sent to investigate the stories of other animals Pleasing humor invites the reader into each tale, and intriguing situations transport modern life into the world of animals, as creatures tell what they’ve learned of happiness The stories are offered with an unforced sense of fable, making this a really enjoyable read.My favorite story just might be the marketing executive hyena, creating “unhappiness while also supplying the fix.” “Be happy with the fur you live in” might be the wisest advice to unfurred humans as well as to Lucky the rat And my favorite lesson? Well, I’m just going to check this review off my todo list, plan next year’s vacation, and take life a little slower I’m not sure happiness really is the only destination, but I do know I enjoyed this book It’s even got (simple) graphs to appeal to the mathematician in me—after all, Lucky is a math teacher!Disclosure: I was given a free ecopy and I offer my honest review. I won this book on a Good reads giveaway and i found it to be a perfect little book holding the answers to the conplex puzzle called happiness.Kudos to this insightful endeavor! Fabulous and highly entertaining read!Incorporates a strong positive psychology message, happiness advice and hilariously funny anthropomorphic animal characters into a children's animal adventure tale.Gets the message across brilliantly without any preaching, hectoring or disguised misery memoirs.Fantastic fiction with an insightful fable style, nothing like a standard selfhelp book.My favorite character was The Fish Eagle who catches enough fish to feed himself, rests in the quiet secluded shade of a tree and spends the rest of his time loving the beautiful view afforded by his hammock A creature greatly appreciative of the perfectly simply life it has with few luxuries but all basic needs met and absolutely free of trouble, stress, greed, envy and discontent Indeed Fish Eagle is right The happiness we search for is already there, we only need to see it to enjoy it Amazing humor a marketing executive hyena artificially manufacturing unhappiness to sell his wares, an animal support group for PIAS (predator induced anxiety syndrome), Honey Badger travel agent extraordinaire whose travel packages guarantee that animal tourists will see humans in a poacher free luxury game park The best book about happiness I have ever read! This is an absolutely delightful little book on happiness that has good advice on virtually every page Mainly it dishes out advice on what to do to createhappiness in your own life, examples of others who have sought happiness from external stimuli and failed, as well as stories about what has been proven to work for scores of people (and animals) It’s a story, yet it incorporates advice and humor It’s an adventure with reflection, thought and insight I recommend this book to anyone who is trying to becomepositive or simply wants to enjoy his or her life a bit . So dumbThere were actually some good points in here but the premise was so stupid Why talk down to the reader? Why pretend it’s some dumb fairy tale? You know what will make me happy? Never reading anything by this author again. Nothing revolutionary in the thinking here but a very fun way to examine what is important in your life and the choices one makes in pursuing happiness Each animal the rat interviews comes up with individual thoughts. Great read very insightful. Described as The best book as far as the attainment of happiness goes by readersfavorite, Lucky Go Happy is an amusing, modernday fable for adults and teens alike Readers wanting to make happiness happen for themselves or those around them will gain insight into being happierand being happy oftenHappiness, emotions and positive psychology are abstract concepts that are generally difficult to explain and understandAdopting a unique approach, Lucky Go Happy unpacks these abstract concepts using the odd elementary graph and image, which when conveyed to readers through a fable makes for an informative and entertaining read for young and oldLucky Go Happy follows the adventures of Lucky the Rat who has been sent into the African Bush by King Lion, to discover what makes other animals happyThrough various encounters with remarkable characters, Lucky captures some reviving new takes on happiness which he has to present to King Lion in a report before the next rainy season King Lion hopes to regain his own happiness after reading the reportLucky Go Happy will: demonstrate how we lose thanpercent of potential happy time by living for weekends only explain how contentment can yield the same amount of happiness as ecstasy provide concrete proof that money can neverand will nevermake us happy highlight why it is absolutely essential to be unhappy at times illustrate why a midlife crisis happens show that happiness is not around the next corner; it is here and now, andhelp you understand how happiness worksRather than waiting for happiness, you can make it happen for yourself and for those around you!Visit luckygohappybook Haha, this was such a short, nice and inspirational story :D had fun reading it From Aesop’s Fables on, animal stories have often been used to teach deep lessons As a father long ago, and now a professional grandfather, I have enjoyed many Nor are they all for children think of Watership Down for example.Paul has used this timehonoured device in a delightful way, to present the findings of Positive Psychology in what is supposedly a children’s book As is often the case, adults will getout of it than kids, although a bright 10 to 12 year old will benefit, not only learning about how to strive for a good life, but also being presented with some simple mathematical concepts in an enjoyable way.I love the twists of humour, like Vulture being a vegetarian greengrocer, or that HAPPINESSISNOWHERE can be “happiness is nowhere” or “happiness is now here.”Paul has earned my particular approval for demonstrating with mathematical exactitude that money has nothing to do with happiness This is done in several guises, each entertaining and easy to understand And in our greedy, conflictridden age, it is nice to see the creatures of the Bushveld acting with decency, compassion, generosity and wisdom.I wish humans could follow them.