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The Florida Straits have claimed many treasures over the centuries Even today unusual finds can be made Life Raft is a story of lost treasures both personal and monetary Sierra Cortez was told she wasn t the only Agent on this assignment in Washington DC, but she didn t know who to trust There was a Mole in the FBI, and that wasn t her only problem First, she had developed feelings for her target Julio Torrez second, he was missing presumed dead at sea third, another agent was dead her target may have killed him and fourth, the marked FBI money was found in Key Largo with two teenage boys The answers were there and so was she undercover It was time to see what Paul JJ Choate and their suave neighbor, Jack Winters, were hiding Was Julio with them Did they have the yacht and the million dollars Could she figure it out before Peronne and his cronies Time was running out and lives were at stake