Audible LEGO Animal Atlas: with four exclusive animal modelsAuthor DK –

Discover the planet s amazing animals with unique LEGO models and maps Which animal gobbles up , clams in one meal Where can you find a snail as big as a baseball The LEGO Animal Atlas has the answers and a whole lotIt s packed with seriously fascinating facts and images ofthanmodels of the world s most awesome animals Best of all, it comes withbricks to build four exclusive mini models a panda, giraffe, penguin and kangaroo A detailed LEGO map, dotted with charming micro build creatures, introduces each of the continents From a cute koala in the Australian outback to a mighty lion prowling the African savanna, LEGO Animal Atlas showcases many of the world s favourite animals plus some unusual sights, such as the bizarre blue footed booby and the mysterious giant squid Tips and breakdowns will inspire children agedto create their own animal models Clear photos, fun facts, and classic LEGO humour helps children learn as they build and play their way around the animal worldThe LEGO Group

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