[[ download Audiobooks ]] Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange ThingsAuthor Lafcadio Hearn – Collateralloan.co

Most Of The Following Kwaidan, Or Weird Tales, Have Been Taken From Old Japanese Books, Such As The Yaso Kidan, Bukkyo Hyakkwa Zensho, Kokon Chomonshu, Tama Sudare, And Hyaku Monogatari Some Of The Stories May Have Had A Chinese Origin The Very Remarkable Dream Of Akinosuke, For Example, Is Certainly From A Chinese Source But The Story Teller, In Every Case, Has So Recolored And Reshaped His Borrowing As To Naturalize It One Queer Tale, Yuki Onna, Was Told Me By A Farmer Of Chofu, Nishitama Gori, In Musashi Province, As A Legend Of His Native Village Whether It Has Ever Been Written In Japanese I Do Not Know But The Extraordinary Belief Which It Records Used Certainly To Exist In Most Parts Of Japan, And In Many Curious Forms The Incident Of Riki Baka Was A Personal Experience And I Wrote It Down Almost Exactly As It Happened, Changing Only A Family Name Mentioned By The Japanese Narrator