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The Schofield Sims SATsMinute Tests are short, timed tests designed to consolidate skills and build speed and confidence as children approach the SATs Ideal for independent work sessions, the tests provide essential bite sized practice of key national test topics KS SATs ReadingMinute Tests contains twenty two reading comprehension tests based on high quality texts across the three key areas fiction, non fiction and poetry The texts cover a wide range of subjects and genres, from classic works by George Bernard Shaw and E Nesbitt, to contemporary fiction from Cornelia Funke and a biography of Mo Farah Questions are presented in a similar style and format to those in the actual tests, and the tests become gradually challenging as the book progresses Key features include Twenty two timed tests, each containing a high quality text and between five and eight SATs style questions Pull out answers for quick and easy marking A Progress chart for recording scores and tracking improvement A selection of free online revision resources is also available from the Schofield Sims website

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  1. H. Rushton H. Rushton says:

    Brilliant I use this for my year 6 daughter, and recommend it to my year 6 students Fab.

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    All good many thanks

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    Very good comprehension book

  5. CobWeb CobWeb says:

    The 8 page ANSWER SECTION is removable from the middle of the book, with just a little tightening of the 3 x staples required, in my experience.From the ANSWER SECTION notes, which is handy to note here, I think As children work through the book, the tests get progressively challenging From the inside cover page This book contains 22 bite sized tests to give you practice in answering comprehension questions quickly Each test contains a fiction, non fiction or poetry text followed by between five and eight questions and is designed to be completed in 10 minutes The questions are just like the questions you will need to answer in the SATs Reading paper in Year 6 The current LOOK INSIDE facility above, along with the stock images, give an insight into the layout of this book, including the INTRODUCTION , with WHAT YOU WILL NEED HOW TO USE THIS BOOK , the CONTENTS , with the full list of the 22 texts 1st image below refers and the BACK COVER DETAIL , which includes Closely matched to the National Curriculum, Schofield Sims SATs revision and practice materials help children to revise what they have learnt in school in preparation for the end of key stage tests FREE revision resources for practice are available from the Schofield Sims website, as also advised on the back cover 2nd image below refers.ooOoo KS2 SATs ENGLISH READING 10 MINUTE TESTS AGES 10 11 PUBLISHER SCHOFIELD SIMS AUTHOR RACHEL LOPICCOLO 2019 Printed in the UK ooOooMeasuring around 29.5 cm x 21 cm, the thick paperback cover opens to 48 good quality, matte finish pages, in a blue white theme, with the text in black throughout.Each test has a fair amount of space for writing in the answers along with a TOTAL MARKS TIME TAKEN section at the end, which can be transferred to the PROGRESS CHART , on the very last page 20 images attached RACHEL LOPICCOLO SCHOFIELD SIMS 2019 28 06 19

  6. P. Barclay P. Barclay says:

    Schofield and Sims have introduced 10 minute tests for pupils aged 10 11 and who are about to sit KS2 SATs and entrance exams This blue book focuses on reading and comprehension see photo, for example.There are 22 bite sized tests with a progress chart at the back and a pull out answer booklet in the centre The comprehension test is either fiction, non fiction or poetry and there are between five and eight questions which are designed to be answered within a 10 minute frame of time.I love bite sized tests They are ideal as an after school, weekend or holiday activity without unduly tiring a pupil Moreover, they are great for sharpening the brain, for revision purposes but also to test strengths and weaknesses and find apt strategies for answering the questions.

  7. catsholiday catsholiday says:

    This book has 22 ten minute comprehension tests similar to those found in the English SATs tests The texts are both fiction and non fiction The questions, like the SATSs questions, start from simple tick the box answers to complex ones needing sentence answers and ones that require some deduction from the text.The answer section is in the centre of the book and is removable should you need to do that if you re going to leave the child unattended while doing the test it would mean no temptation to chat and look at the answers.The book is set out just as a Reading SATs paper is so that the child will become familiar with the layout and style of questions.Not much I can say really except if your child is in Y6 for 2020 SATs this would be a great way to get practice and become confident about their upcoming SATs.

  8. SonicQuack SonicQuack says:

    I love the fact that this is short and sweet if you re looking at buying this I would think you fall into one of two categories a student is doing well and any extra practice is great b student really dislikes reading writing comprehension and the 10 min is the the hook I fall into b I teach and my current Y5 child really, really does not like reading or reading comprehension I left the book on show for about a week today my daughter picked it up before bedtime and said she d have a go so it was a delay bedtime strategy but who cares she picked it up was pretty grabbed by the first witches extract and completed the task a little over the 10 mins but again who cares she picked it up and competed it willingly so it gets my vote just for that I was impressed with the excepts and questions and again, loved the fact that it was not a heavy thirty minute test short and sweet and learning took place.I looked briefly at the book at the back and expected to find the answers they were not there I read the front and it said parents would mark the test..whooaaah this was where I was unpleasantly surprised So I double checked all answers from a find it, prove it strategy and then, only then did I find the middle section containing all answers in the middle of the book the first page does not say parents please refer to the answer section in the middle of the booklet in the middle it gives clear details to remove the answer section first so I don t think it was as clear as it could have been in my opinion However now that is sorted, I can t really fault it at all a quick 10 minutes reading comprehension every second night to help build these skills is my plan and this book really delivers if you want short and sweet.