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New week, New BookTube Video all about the best (and worst) literary apocalypses to live through!The Written Review “Life breaks free Life expands to new territories Painfully, perhaps even dangerously But life finds a way.” Jurassic Park has all the major problems of a theme park, a zooand genetically altered prehistoric animals That's right the dinosaurs are back from the dead and nothing I repeat nothing could go wrongright? Ha As my favorite character, Ian Malcom would say, All major changes are like death You can't see to the other side until you are there Though, considering some of the problems they had with the park, I strongly believe that several of issues could've been predictedthat is, if Mr Hammond and his scientists would've taken the time to thoroughly consider implications and consequences of bringing back extinct species Dr Allen Grant, Ellie, Ian Malcom and a host of other professionals (along with Mr Hammond's grandchildren) are invited to the island to give their expert opinion on this unextinction.Of course, this visit comes at an excellent time there is a huge storm rolling in, the raptors are getting restless and there's some evidence that the smaller dinos have made it off the island Perrrfect But don't mention any of this to Mr Hammond or his staff they won't listen to any negativity. As Ian Malcom said, “They don't have intelligence They have what I call 'thintelligence.' They see the immediate situation They think narrowly and they call it 'being focused.' They don't see the surround They don't see the consequences.” Predictably, the storm rolls in, things go very, very wrongand soon even Mr Hammond might have to admit that there may be an issue or two in his precious park “You know, at times like this one feels, well, perhaps extinct animals should be left extinct.” If I had to pick a single, defining movie from my childhoodthis would be it So, of course, I had to pick up the book to see how it compared It definitely delivered.In this novel, Mr Hammond wasn't quite the bumbling, grandfatherly figure he is in the movie And of his grandchildren, Lex is certainly younger than her movieversion (and youngLex wasthan a little annoying) This is one of those rare cases where the movie is not being a truetobook adaption, but they are both equally entertaining and delightful Highly recommended!And just like when I was a kid, I am comforted that if this dinosaur apocalypse ever happens, things would play out like this: “God created dinosaurs God destroyed dinosaurs God created Man Man destroyed God Man created dinosaurs.Dinosaurs eat manWoman inherits the earth.” The Finer Books Club 2018 Reading Challenge A book with a written inscriptionAudiobook CommentsThe reader (Scott Brick) was alright It's justthis book is about DINOSAURS surely this reader could've mustered some enthusiasm??YouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat @miranda.reads Happy Reading! An alternate cover edition can be found hereAn astonishing technique for recovering and cloning dinosaur DNA has been discovered Now humankind’s most thrilling fantasies have come true Creatures extinct for eons roam Jurassic Park with their awesome presence and profound mystery, and all the world can visit them—for a price Until something goes wrong back cover This is one of my favorite books of all time!!! I was way excited back then, 20 years ago, about the movie (minus the controversial scene portraiting San José, Costa Rica with a beach in the middle of it) Trust me I am from Costa Rica and I live precisely in San José and we don't have a dang beach around.I am sure that Spielberg wouldn't do that kind of mistake if he'd need to portrait Paris, France, but a dang capital city in a third world country? Who cares?Well, I care, I am from that precise third world country When you would have your capital cities portraited in a wrong stereotypical way, you will understand me (And don't get me wrong I love the movie and I am fan of Spielberg's work, just pointing out my feeling about that scene that even in the book happens in another different place).I love the book, since the author, Michael Crichton, lived a lot of time in my country, Costa Rica, and he fell in love so much with our culture and geography that he wanted to use it as background for one of his novels.The novel became his most famous book In the book, you can realize how well Crichton indeed knew about our places using specific real places like the Cabo Blanco Biologic Reserve and the Puntarenas' Hospital Monseñor Sanabria You don't came out with places like that with your quick internet search You need to live here to know things like that Of course, Nublar Island is a made up place but hey, no problem there, it's like Gotham City or Metropolis, always there are space for another fictional island in literature.I was lucky to get my paperback copy of Jurassic Park just when the movie was on its hype 20 years ago, since thanks to that it has the logo of the film (see? I don't hate the movie, just questioned that dang scene).I love my edition of the book since never they published ever again the book with that cover, so it's one my priceless posessions in my library An insanely popular scifi novel with dinosaurs set on my country? Oh, yes! I had to love that book! Rereading for obvious reasons :D :D :D :D Put me down for liked the movie a little .  But scientific power is like inherited wealth: attained without discipline You read what others have done, and you take the next step You can do it very young You can make progress very fast And because you can stand on the shoulders of giants, you can accomplish something quickly You don’t even know exactly what you have done, but already you have reported it, patented it, and sold it.Malcolm: Edge goes to movie for Ian, by the visual Though bookMalcolm has a number of such interesting lines and is full of 1989 version of chaos theory, eventually he grows tiresome Interestinglyc'mon, is this seriously a spoiler?book Malcolm is laid low by an infected wound You can probably guess what happens.Ending: Edge goes to the movie. (view spoiler)[That bit about searching for the raptor eggs and the breeding behavior? I mean yay for Dr Grant, but talk about anticlimax (hide spoiler)] Here's my video review So, straight to it Jurassic Park, the book, is inimitable, apart from a few clumsy attempts One thing that differentiated it from its wannabes is that, unlike books about sharks, snakes or let's say, zombies, dinosaurs come in very varied shapes This means that the way the casualties meet their end is just as variable Michael Crichton props up his last act with inspired flair and experienced cunning He knows that the action in this book will go only so far, just like last acts in an all out comedy movie WILL be lame, unless something rash and daring is undertook The soliloquy (for us) of Ian Malcolm are just like the morphine that the doctor prescribed for him Malcolm's rants about science are dishonest but it's all in good jest The verisimilitude of Isla Nublar is out of this world The landscape, the computers, the dinosaurs, the genetic restraints that shackles the dinosaurs, and lastly, the human protagonists in the book, are so well imagined, arranged spatially, manipulated to create tension and pacing, that I recognize the hand of a master entertainer at work Spielberg, eat your heart out The ultimate slap in the face of conventional science fiction is the fact, that Jurassic Park takes place in our timeline How gutsier can you get? The book is now half forgotten, but that will change when the next wave of genetic manipulation arrives Jurassic Park can have quite a few interpretations that pertain to civics, science, philosophy, and of course maths' sexy cousin, Chaos Theory! The only thing that matters though, is that the book makes good on its promise and gives usthan what it says on the tin; pure fun. ❝ Discovery, they believe, is inevitable So they just try to do it first That's the game in science.❞ Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park❝ All the Dinosaurs feared the TRex❞ Wade Wilson, Deadpool (2016)🎵Velociraptor, he’s gonna find yaHe’s gonna kill ya, he’s gonna eat ya 🎵 Velociraptor, Kasabian Welcome. to Jurassic Park's reviewI remember back when I was a kid, my dad rented a VHS (yes, the legendary VHS was real, young ones) cassette of an English movie I think I was seven years old and my favorite pastimes were collecting gravel, screaming and making my sister's life hell Watching movie was not one of them And that movie changed it all And no, It wasn't Citizen Kane It was the legendary Jurassic Park! But it took me almost fifteen years to pick up the original novel (I am still not sure why it took me so long) And surprisingly, it was not what I expected Story When advanced genetic engineering breaks the very basic laws of nature by creating an extinct life form, billionaire John Hammond decides to turn that discovery into the best damn attraction the world has ever witnessed: A Dinosaur park! But the investors of this ambitious project gets spooked because of some recent events and seeks a second opinion They invite Paleontologist, Alan Grant, paleobotanist graduate student, Ellie Sattler, famous mathematician and chaos theorist, Ian Malcolm, and a lawyer representing the investors, Donald Gennaro for a guided tour of the park The unique voice in this story belongs to Ian Malcolm who spends most of the time warning others about the park.So everyone went ahead with the tour andWell, let's just say things didn't go as planned Hey, I've watched the movie gazillion times! I don't have to read this book Stop right there The book is so very different from the movie The movie is a visual spectacular that tells an adventurous science fiction story While watching the movie, you will be shouting yay, Dinosaurs The novel (almost) paints the same story, but its focus is on something else entirely: The science The very idea of creating life out of nothing, the dangers of unchecked development and the proof that you can not control the uncontrollable Also, there is a healthy dose of chaos theory, Dragon curves, Dinosaur's evolution and survival! Throughout the story, you'll be likeOverall, Jurassic Park is one helluva a ride It might not be as thrilling as the movie, but it is a hellmeaningful and informative! This is one of Crichton's best novels, which varied widely in quality, and could be called part of the foundation of the SciFi thriller genre with mainstream media adaptions and many great, new authors following in this footsteps.Until the first hybrids, most novels of this genre were pure fiction with fantasy or SciFi elements and analysis and criticism of society, until the first interdisciplinary approaches came and lead to today's milestones like the works of Suarez, Sakey, and others who create technothrillers that could come true.In other of his works, Chrichton has the problem of and with telling to slow, infodumping, character development, suspense, letting people talk and talk until a pretty constructed and unsatisfying end gives one a short wtf, was that really all, are there noexplanations, moment But he was a physician too, so I would say that rocks the house so much that his stylistic flaws can be forgiven.Spielberg's adaption took much of the atmosphere of the book and it´s one of the rare cases were both the book and the movie are fine pieces of art And hey, dinosaurs and genetic engineering, that must be great!Tropes show how literature is conceptualized and created and which mixture of elements makes works and genres unique: ALL THE STARS!Holy smokes y'all, I did not realize the amount of differences in the book vs the movie!And yes, I love the book muchthen the movie now.I've seen the movie 10 million times but the book of Jurassic Park isdark, gritty and so well done! Kudos Michael Crichton on writing a classic that will last forever.I decided to do audio on Jurassic Park and Scott Brick was the narrator I'm super picky on narrators for audio books and I felt he did a great job.***SPOILER ALERT***Here's the main differences from the book vs movie :(view spoiler)[1 The love relationship between Dr Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler in the movie I prefer the friendship from the book It wasrealistic and less Hollywood like.2 Oh my God, the kids!! I loved Tim Murphy in the book and Lex Murphy was the biggest pain in the ass I was wishing and hoping for the TRex to eat her everytime she opened her mouth.Also, Tim was the older of the two.3 Oh my heart Dr Ian Malcolm dies in this!! It was like imagining Jeff Goldblum dying and my heart broke Realistically, it made sense that Ian died in the book since he was so badly injured but I'm glad Steven Spielberg kept him alive in the movie I mean, it's Jeff Goldblum.4 John Hammond was bat shit crazy, egotistical and evil I much prefered the book version!! I loved hating him in this! He was a great villian John Hammond in the movie was too teddy bear for my liking (hide spoiler)]